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Italian translation

Italian translation

Translation is the production of a text in one language, called the target text, from a text in a different language, called the source. In order to do so, the person in charge must know convey the meaning of the source text in the target text. In addition, they must also know how to transfer the communicative style, based on their knowledge of the cultural differences between both languages. 

According to him thematic field, a different type of translation will be applied. These types include informative, literary, poetry, scientific-technical, legal, economic and health translations. 

In this way, the translation takes into account:

  • language translation
  • cultural adaptation
  • The communication of the signature message
  • Search Engine Optimization

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The language translation process

your step by step


Before beginning the translation, it is important to have all the necessary material to be able to carry it out correctly. Therefore, there must be a translation memory, the material provided by the client, the style guide of the brand and the glossary of terms.

linguistic translation 

This process is usually done by a person whose target language matches that of the target text. For this, you must carry out a translation with a good syntax, punctuation, lexical, semantic and that can be fully understood by the audience to which the translated text will be addressed. 

Linguistic review

This step must be performed by a different native translator than the one who performed the translation. This should compare the source text with the target text and ensure that it complies with the style of the brand and can be read fluently. 


Finally, it is checked if words are repeated, if the punctuation is correct and if the fonts and images correspond to the original document. 

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About our experience:

Tips for making a good translation into Spanish

The importance of context

words have different meanings depending on the context in which they are. In the same way, there are words that together do not refer to their literal meaning, but to the meaning provided by the sentence in which they are found.

A global vision

For a good translation, it is important don't focus on individual sentences, but in the paragraph, in the rest of sentences that accompany them. 

Be faithful to the style of the original writer

It is important to carefully read the original text and target all style brands left by the author of the original text throughout the writing. 

Advantages of language translation

Discover the advantages of investing in the Spanish translation of your content

Deep knowledge of the language

A professional translator knows the target language, their expressions and their meanings. In this way, you can come up with a text that seems to have been written from the beginning in that language.

fidelity to style

Contrary to automated translation, a professional translator knows how to reflect the style of the author of the text and translate it into the target translation. In this way, you can move expressions and puns

cultural knowledge

What may be viewed well in one culture may be rude or offensive in another. A translator handles these cultural nuances to be able to adapt them in the translation. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Spanish Translation

How long does it take to make a translation?

This answer varies depending on each case. In the first place, the complexity of the text and its length influence. In the cases in which it is required, urgent translations are carried out.

Who does the translation?

The translation is always done by a native translator with experience in the sector. This must have great cultural knowledge and very good reading skills. 

What is a jured traduction?

It is a type of translation carried out by a professional in the field appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This translation is accompanied by a photocopy of the original document. 

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