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Is link building necessary in content marketing?

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Google increasingly has more demands when it comes to evaluating a web page. Today, Not everything is valid to have a good positioning in search engines. All the elements of the website are of great importance when it comes to climbing positions and placing yourself on the first page of search results.

A few years ago, links were highly valued, but for pages Quantity was more important than quality. thereof. Over time, this has changed until reaching the current era, in which the priority is that the links merge with the content. In addition, they must be of quality, that redirect us to pages with valuable content, with a similar theme to the topic being discussed in the text and that have good positioning and number of visits.

Is link building necessary in content marketing?

Let's go back to the question that brought you to this article: is link building necessary in content marketing? The answer is yes. Both strategies must be combined to achieve reach and good positioning. Through link building you will ensure that your website is recognized by search engines and that they take you into account.

Likewise, with content marketing you will achieve increase visits and improve your authority, thanks to the creation of quality content that has value for your audience. This will ultimately lead to other websites that have a thematic relationship with you including you in their content through links. Previously, buying links was very common. However, link building today is largely based on Link Earning.

What is Link Earning?

with your arrival, Link Earning broke everything learned in terms of link building it means. Its staging was caused by the search engines penalizing those pages that used links left and right, without quality control and in a massive way. At that time, the guest post It was the preferred tactic of website owners. This method focused on writing content on other domains, to obtain a link that redirected users to the author's website. The problem came when it began to be done without any type of criteria, searching for links through poor and low value content and abusing this tactic.

As it could not be otherwise, the searchers realized what was happening and began to carry out a witch hunt. Thus, the sites that had abused link building were punished, creating the need to find a new way that would convince the algorithms. This is when Link Earning appears, a method according to which the purchase of links is replaced by the merit of earning them. naturally and with the creation of careful and quality content Other pages will include links to your website without you asking them to.

What type of content attracts links?

Surely now you are wondering how to get other pages to include links to your website naturally. The key is, as we mentioned above, quality. Whether you make content in one format or another, It is crucial that it contains valuable information and that is completely original. It's not enough to write a 300-word article and expect the links to come by themselves. For others to value you, you must stand out.

Having said this, it is true that there are some types of content with a greater predisposition to recYoBir links and they explain the importance of link building in content marketing.


List type articles They are very easy to digest by the reader, thanks to the organization made of the different ideas that make up the text. In addition, they allow you to highlight what you want to give relevance to. These items are very popular thanks to their great appeal. With them you can write everything from tutorials to guides or advice. As if that were not enough, they are one of the big favorites of search engines, so they position very well and generate a lot of traffic.


Think about it, when creating an article in which you must investigate a sector or industry, you document yourself based on research, it can be surveys, statistics or censuses. Just like you do, others will do it with your content if you include own investigations. What you should do when taking research information from other websites is to include a link to that content. Therefore, create reports or research articles in which you provide valuable data.


You can make a ranking of the best online stores for natural cosmetics, the best blogs for film content or the most valued content creators in Spain. When creating this type of content, the people and sites mentioned will share it on their domains or even on social networks.


Visual resources and in particular infographics are one of the best ways to attract links to your site. The infographics generate a lot of traffic And in terms of content they are very valuable, since they present a large amount of information in a very digestible, organized and simple way. On the other hand, They usually spread on social networks. We recommend that you reflect your brand image in your infographics, using corporate colors, typography or types of illustrations that characterize the firm.


When making guides, it is important that they contain a lot of valuable information and that they do not fall into superficiality. In order to stand out, you must create complete guides that delve into the topic to be covered and leave no loose ends. What is really important is that they are practical, useful and quality for your readers. In this way, you will get links to your page and even have the content shared on social networks.


Inviting experts to collaborate on your articles is a sign of a job well done. The more expert sources that appear in your articles, the more credibility your readers will give to the page. Offers contrasted content, in which different professionals express different ways of seeing the topic you are dealing with. This undoubtedly benefits the authority of your website. In addition, people who collaborate on the article will share it on their own websites or social networks. The result: satisfied readers and Google.

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How to make a successful Link Building strategy?

To solve this question, it is necessary that you first understand the way that the king of search engines evaluates links. Google has an algorithm, made up of multiple factors, which performs the function of rating a web page, having the power to choose whether it will appear on the first or twelfth page of the search results. One of these factors, as we mentioned at the beginning, are links. As users learned a few years ago, generating a large number of links is not the right view.

With this we do not mean that the quantity is not important. In fact, it is one of the most important factors when taking into account the links on a website. Nevertheless, The number must be accompanied by other elements.


When buying a product, do you trust more one that is endorsed by multiple people or one that has several reviews from a single profile? We can give you this example like any other, in this aspect The amount does count. Just like you and the rest of the people, Google also prefers diversity. As with everything, the more people talk about you, the more fame you will have and the higher you will be on the list.

Anchor Text

The anchor text or the anchor text It is the text on which the user clicks to access the link address that you have inserted. Anchor text, beyond this function, also fulfills another mission: telling search engines the content they will find on the destination site. It is recommended that you use the main keyword with which you want to position that content. In addition, it must be striking and different from other anchor text in the text.


The TrustRank was born motivated by the amount of spam present on Google. The term refers to the credibility of a domain for Google. This trust is based, among others, on the sites that include links to your page. In this way, a division is made between Good Links and Bad Links. You will not get anything good from pages that are considered Bad Links, since the search engine assumes that the links they include will be spam. Thus, not only the quality of the content in which the link is inserted counts, but also the quality of the page on which it refers to you.

Internal links

To understand the importance you must know how the Google tracker works. It crawls pages and follows the links that appear on them, thus moving between the different pages. Having quality external links, Google begins to trust the internal ones. Besides, Help search engines understand the hierarchy of your site.


The nofollow attribute is used so that Google robots do not follow certain links when crawling a website. When adding a link to a site that does not have credibility for Google, it is advisable to introduce the Nofollow tag, as in the comment boxes on your blog.

With all this, we hope you have understood the importance of link building in content marketing. As with content marketing, link building seeks quality and value for the user, so they are complementary strategies that, when combined, will increase your benefits and the development of your brand. Thus, We recommend that you include linkbuilding in content marketing.



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