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The importance of voice search optimization for SEO

The importance of optimization for voice search in SEO

We are entering the new digital age and interactions with digital devices are constantly evolving. A few years ago, the novelty was being able to write on a screen; However, the number of users using voice commands is growing every day. Next, we explain the importance of optimization for the voice search in SEO.

8 key points to position your website by combining voice commands and SEO

The new technologies They are advancing at great speed and the demands are different if we look back five years. Currently, digital marketing is beginning to focus on voice commands in order to optimize them. Check the following eight tips to improve optimization for voice search.

Write content focused on questions

This is the first point because it is one of the pillars of optimization for voice search. You must include questions in your text to ensure answers. This will boost SEO, since you will have more opportunities to capture the questions that users ask. In addition, it is a widely used structure because it allows doubts to be resolved, which is positive for search engines.

Try to answer the user's questions

This is a determining factor and it is linked to the first point. It's not just about adding questions, but you should try to answer them in detail. This will increase the chance that users will find what they were looking for in your content. When voice searches are run, they are usually questions and the answer is directly delivered by the search engines. That is why it is important that you add answers to the most common questions of your content. This way, you will be optimizing for voice search.

The importance of optimization for voice search in SEO

Enter the most important answer in the first paragraph

As with other types of content, search engines like Google or Yahoo They want immediacy. This means that the sooner the question is tracked, the more chances you will have of appearing in the top search engine rankings. Therefore, place the question in the first paragraph if possible with a concise answer, but full of relevant information. You can dedicate the rest of the content to delving deeper into the topic with other types of questions.

Good voice search optimization relies on keywords

You should not forget that this content still needs optimizing so that it positions properly in search engines. Use in the questions and answers the keywords about your topic. If necessary, perform a thorough search to get keywords that are inserted as a question naturally into your topic.

Improve optimization for voice search with an FAQ section

So far, most companies decide to move away from block question sections. There is a preference for developing content naturally, but the truth is that to carry out adequate optimization for the voice search, it is interesting to add a frequently asked questions section at the end of the content. You can include questions that users constantly ask. This will boost SEO considerably because you are probably answering more questions than most.

Take into account the style of the questions

Positioning for written content is not the same as for questions. Users, when executing voice commands, develop developed questions; that is, they do not shorten the words. They try to express their demand with the maximum possible clarity. Therefore, it includes questions with a beginning and an end.

Don't forget headers when optimizing for voice search

Not everything changes when developing the content, since the texts must continue to be structured with H2, H3 headings and if necessary, H4. After all, they are tools that Google offers so that users can obtain information more accurately. An interesting idea is to add questions in the H2 or H3 themselves with elaborate answers. It is a very efficient way of delivering content to users.

The importance of optimization for voice search in SEO

Sort the categories of your website

Don't forget that the interface of your website is very important for SEO, even if it involves voice searches. Organize the information clearly so that Googlebots they can understand it. This is the basis of positioning The content must be simple, without losing quality.

A correct optimization for voice search It will allow your content to scale quickly. Search engines are constantly developing. That is why it is important that all businesses have a digital marketing team that can facilitate digitalization processes. It is valuable to know how to adapt to the times to get the best strategies before competitors and one thing is clear: voice searches will be the future.



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