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7 tips to boost your SEM strategy with Google AdWords

How to use Google AdWords to improve your SEM strategy

Google AdWords is also known as Google Ads. It is a Google platform that has the purpose of manage advertising campaigns in your media such as your search engine, YouTube, Gmail and Google Maps, among others. In the same way, Google Adsense manages ads to appear on a series of websites, mobile applications and video content known as the partner advertiser network. These tools play a fundamental role in the Search Engine Marketing (SEM), search engine marketing. It is essential to develop a SEM strategy appropriately using Google AdWords optimally. Below we detail some of the most important points to get the most out of this commercial tool.

7 tips to boost your SEM strategy with Google AdWords

The SEM refers to the set of tools, techniques and strategies (paid) that enhance the visibility of websites through the search engines. The goal is to appear more times and best positioned in browsers like Google or Yahoo. Google AdWords is a very valuable digital tool within the SEM strategy. You will be able to enhance the results of your campaign with the following advantages.

Optimal organization of campaigns

Google AdWords is a tool that allows you manage campaigns in great detail to get much more performance out of them. In addition, you will be able to develop adequate segmentation, focusing your efforts on a very specific niche. For example, this application allows you to perform geographical segmentation to boost ad conversion. It is important to take into account the country to which the campaign is directed because the keywords may be different.

Use the keyword planner

The role of social media in the consumer buying process

To make a optimal SEM strategy, you should use the keyword and idea planner. The tool itself will inform you of related keywords that may be of interest. You even have the option to choose keywords depending on your website to improve how ad targeting works. This type of orientation is very useful because it allows you to know the number of searches of keywords and the level of competition, among other issues.

Ads get more effective results the greater the number of searches that users perform around the keywords. In addition, improve click-through rate (CTR) of the ads and increases the quality level in Google measurements.

Track keywords with Google Trends in your SEM strategy

Google Trends is one of the best applications you can use when optimizing your ads. It helps you track keywords to find the best performing ones and will perform keyword combinations. keywords increasing traffic. In addition, it also shows you related searches and helps you determine which ones may be most useful in the long term.

However, if the keywords selected ones do not work as they should, it is important to stop them. It is possible that a keyword achieves a very low CTR and this affects the quality level of the campaigns. In some cases, pausing them is useful to continue having access to the information. However, there are companies that prefer delete them to avoid staining the history of account results.

Create several ads in each campaign

When wanting to achieve success in a campaign, it is important make several announcements. Creating several different approaches to the same ad allows you analyze the results and understand what works best in each user niche. On the other hand, it is essential to properly adjust advertising to keywords. Users will be able to identify in seconds because they are highlighted in bold.

Apply ad rotation in the SEM strategy

The role of social media in the consumer buying process

To carry out a quality SEM strategy, rotate Google AdWords ads. This method optimizes advertising to increase conversion rates and clicks. It is a tactic that this Google tool offers you to expose ads to users and analyze which ones have the best results. This will allow you to reflect and make more effective decisions.

Write texts to persuade

The writing of advertisements is a fundamental pillar to achieve the success of a digital marketing campaign. Creativity is a skill that is put at the service of Google AdWords to achieve unbeatable results. It is important grab the attention of users and achieve the goals of the campaign: increase the conversion rate, get more clicks, visualizations or engagement.

They are only allowed 30 characters in titles, 90 characters in the descriptions and 30 characters of visible URL to insert a commercial message that connects with the user. Therefore, creating advertisements with persuasive writing It will be your direct pass to a successful digital marketing campaign.

Schedule ads to reduce costs

Scheduling ads is one of the best strategies that exist when we talk about advertising campaigns in Google AdWords. You can decide what days and times your ads will show, regardless of what you're doing. It is a very convenient option to reinforce the position of advertising at the most beneficial times of day for the company. Additionally, it helps reduce the cost of conversions in moments of least interest. You can choose increase or minimize maximum CPC that you are willing to invest depending on the day or time.

Google AdWords is a very interesting tool to create a SEM strategy that stands out from the rest. Digital marketing campaigns must be masters in management and profitability of advertisements. This way you can achieve sublime results with the lowest possible investment.



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