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Como elegir las mejores palabras claves para campañas de Google Ads

Como elegir las mejores palabras claves para campañas de Google Ads

The keywords are the cornerstone of SEO in digital marketing. They refer to the words searched for by search engine users. They are used by companies like Google or Yahoo to offer the best results to users who need quality content. It is a cycle that repeats itself and digital marketing companies try to offer the best possible keyword planning at all costs. For you to be a master, we explain how to search for keywords for Google Ads campaigns.

Tool to be used to find the best keywords for Google Ads campaigns.

First of all, you should use a keyword planner such as Keyword Planner. It is a Google tool that allows you to find keywords and segment them. You can filter searches by language, location and even dates. This allows you to make a customized planning to favor the personalization of your digital marketing campaigns. Pay attention to the following fundamental aspects to find the best keywords for Google Ads campaigns.

Search trend

The searches performed by users are not always static, they have ups and downs depending on the topic. That is why it is very important to be aware of trends and take advantage of them to make topics more relevant.

The keywords

This is the most important reason for advertising campaigns. Keyword Planner will inform you about the most searched keywords within a topic, but it will also inform you about related keywords. These are words that are of interest to the selected topic, even if it is not explicitly the word you are searching for. They have a very interesting function when it comes to enriching SEO and increasing your organic traffic, ranking on several complementary topics at the same time.

Level of monthly searches

This section is essential because it informs you of the number of times a keyword has been searched for during a month. In addition, it shows you the tendency of the keyword to rise or fall in importance. This allows you to bid or not on words that may end up ranking well.

Competitiveness in finding the best keywords for Google Ads campaigns

You will not be the only person who wants to bid on a word. The competitive section tells you if there are many people using the same keyword so you can think about whether or not it pays to use it. If the competitiveness is high for a word you want to use, don’t get discouraged. You can bid on it anyway because the most important thing for SEO is that your website has overall quality.

Create a keyword list with these 3 tips

Como elegir las mejores palabras claves para campañas de Google Ads

Creating a keyword list is important in order to efficiently organize your ads. It allows you to have more strategic openness when planning your ad campaign. Therefore, take note of the following four tips.

Put yourself in your client’s shoes to find the best keywords for Google Ads campaigns.

Break down your company into different categories and for each one, write a few words that define it. Use terms that your customers use to describe your products or services. Keep in mind that searches are performed by your customers, so think about what they would write.

Use specific keywords

If you want to attract very specific customers, use very specific keywords. The more detailed the keyword is, the more you will adjust the group of users that will come to your advertisement. On the other hand, the more general the keyword, the more users will come to the ads, but the tuning may be lower.

Group similar keywords

The organization when creating an advertising campaign with Google Ads is essential. Group ads and keywords by products or services. This way, you will be able to clearly know which ad group is performing better and under which keywords.

Final recommendations to find the best keywords for Google Ads campaigns

Como elegir las mejores palabras claves para campañas de Google Ads

To summarize, these are the following aspects that you have to take into account to make your Google Ads search a success.

  • Do not choose all the keywords recommended by Google. Plan well your own online advertising strategy.
  • Take into account keyword trends when organizing your strategy.
  • Think about whether you are better off using specific or general keywords.
  • Use ad grouping to optimize organization.

These are all the basic aspects that you should take into account when choosing the best keywords for Google Ads campaigns. Always try to stick to your topic and think about whether you should target a broad audience or a more specific one.



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