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Facebook Ads Management

Facebook Ads management consists in the use of this platform with the aim of growing a website or online business. This work involves an important work in digital marketing, since the success of any campaign depends largely on the optimization given to this tool.

A good management of Facebook Ads is able to viralize services and products within the social network. This fact has motivated many companies and entrepreneurs to use it as part of their marketing strategies.

Although the platform is easy to use, achieving advertising success is somewhat complex. For this reason, many companies choose to hire agencies or Facebook Ads specialists, who are characterized by being experts in the management of the platform. These are professionals with specific knowledge to design and execute successful advertising strategies that adapt to all types of businesses.


What is Facebook Ads and what is it for?

Facebook Ads is the name given to the advertising system of the social network Facebook and allows promotion through any business page that exists within it. It is a pay per click (PPC) system, which means that advertisers only have to pay each time a user clicks on their ads.

Facebook Ads is constantly evolving, just like the social network to which it belongs. That's why it has also added ad formats for reels, videos and in the feed with carousel or images, which stick to today's trends.

Essentially, it can serve the following functions:

  • Increase sales of products or services through call-to-action ads (CTAs).
  • Build brand image, increase visibility and online presence.
  • Increase traffic to a given website.
  • Obtain new leads, which can be used to increase conversions according to the sales strategy.

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Why advertise on Facebook?

Facebook advertising offers many advantages compared to more traditional advertising strategies. Facebook is one of the largest social networks in the world, so the chances of reach and visibility of your ads are very high.

The possibilities of segmentation are very precise with a good management of Facebook Ads Manager; this allows you to be very specific by focusing on what type of audience will be shown exclusively the ads.

This Facebook advertising system can be very profitable because you only pay for the ads that receive clicks. It is an ideal option for SMEs or businesses with small budgets.

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Types of Facebook campaigns

Facebook Ads is a very versatile advertising platform. This is reflected in the different types of campaigns that can be created. These are classified according to the maturity stage of the company. Choosing between one type of campaign or another depends on the objectives of the business.

Currently, the following campaigns can be chosen:

  • Recognition: Their objective is to increase visibility and reach. They are ideal for emerging businesses.
  • Consideration: Best suited for businesses that are more recognized, but need to increase their level of interaction with the target audience.
  • Conversion: Focused on converting users into customers. It is applied in companies that already have recognition and consideration, that is to say, that are in an advanced stage of maturity.

Why hire a Facebook Ads expert?

At MyContent we can help you manage, design and execute a successful Facebook Ads campaign that completely adapts to the needs of your business or company.

We have a team of professionals with experience in the management of this advertising system; as well as specialized knowledge to make the best decisions when it comes to designing an advertising strategy with Facebook Ads oriented to your goals.

If you request our help, you will obtain the following benefits:

  • A previous analysis will be made to configure the audience segmentation accurately, targeting the entire campaign only to your potential customers and making the most of all the information provided by Facebook users.
  • Platform management according to your budget. We make sure that every penny invested is applied well enough to get the highest ROI possible.
  • Design of ads oriented to viralization within the social network, seeking to obtain the widest possible audience reach.
  • Analysis of the characteristics of the followers on your company’s Facebook page to ensure that the audience reached is in line with your marketing objectives.
  • Creation of attractive audiovisual content in accordance with the image you want to convey of your company and that is able to engage users.

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