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How is the management of Amazon Ads?

The management of Amazon Ads consists of delegating the administration functions of this platform to a specialized agency. Generally, professionals with extensive experience in its management are chosen, qualified to apply marketing strategies that are effective enough to meet different objectives.

There are several ways to perform this management. On the one hand, it is possible to use sponsored ads, which are usually good for increasing sales and reaching a greater number of potential buyers. It is also possible to configure the Amazon Ad APIs with the objective of optimize, scale and automate ads.   

Management also involves managing some of the tools established by the platform to manage and create campaigns. The possibilities of administration are very broad, which is why it is considered a professional task.

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What are Amazon ads?

Amazon Ads are the set of ads that are part of Amazon Advertising, a paid advertising system belonging to the world's leading online sales website. At the operational level it is similar to other platforms such as Facebook or Google that also offer advertising systems.

Amazon Ads has various advertising mechanisms:

  • Place ads in multiple locations.
  • Audience segmentation to show ads exclusively to certain types of users (based on campaign settings).
  • Pay only when a user clicks on an ad (PPC).
  • Show ads on portals associated with the company (DSP)

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Why use Amazon ads?

Shopping on Amazon is extremely popular, so attract a large amount of traffic every day. By using Amazon Ads it is possible to take advantage of this traffic to boost a business or company.

However, this is just one of the reasons why this platform can be very beneficial for marketing campaigns. If you analyze in depth, it is possible to find the following reasons to use it:

  • Amazon's algorithm has been perfecting itself for decades. Today, it is so well developed that it has a Collaborative Filtering Engine capable of grouping consumers into different categories and well-detailed profiles. This allows predicting and influencing purchasing behavior, to take advantage of it in an advertising strategy.
  • Its marketing offering is not limited to Amazon, but is constantly expanding. It is the third largest advertising system on the planet, second only to Google and Facebook.

How does it work?

Amazon Ads works similar to Google Ads. Payments are made solely for clicks received on ads. There are two ways these ads can be displayed:

  • Within the online store in different formats.
  • On websites associated with Amazon. This method is called Amazon DSP and ads are displayed in format banner.

Additionally, it should be mentioned that the position in which the ads appear is determined by a bidding system. The budget that the company allocates to the ads will directly influence the result, so the companies with the highest bid will have the first positions. However, there are other factors that influence this, such as the keywords selected, the quality of the ads, and the way the traffic is targeted.

Importance of keywords on Amazon

As is common in PPC systems, the keywords o Keywords have a great influence on the success of the marketing campaign. These are achieved through in-depth research. Like Google, Amazon has its own SEO. In addition, keywords influence the possibility of creating listings with a higher ranking.

The selection of the keywords it is a laborious process It must be done with great care and objectivity. to ensure that they are able to meet the necessary objectives. During the investigation, factors such as affinity with the product or service, the performance of the keyword and the search volume of it.

He keyword study it is so important that if the most suitable ones are not identified, an advertising campaign will fail, even when the budget allocated to bids is quite high.

How can we help you with your advertising strategy on Amazon?

In MyContent we offer a Amazon Ads management service with which we can ensure that your advertising campaign will have optimal performance. We are qualified to cover all the advertising mechanisms offered by the platform and aspects related to management.

What can MyContent do?

  • Manage the Sponsored Products strategy to increase the visibility of your products to your target audience. 
  • We optimize the settings to appear as high as possible on the detail page of other products and in search results.
  • With the Sponsored Brands method, we take care of focusing users' attention on your brand, through a personalized header and a sample of one, two or three ideal products to show users the best image of your company.
  • We can take care of designing images that conform to the compatibility guidelines indicated by Amazon, so that they stand out within the platform.

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