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What is a call to action?

What is a call to action

What is a call to action either call for action? Also known as CTA, it means “call to action.” Is one of the essential pillars of digital marketing And the media. A CTA has the objective of get people an immediate reaction and effective when reading a word or a phrase. It is a resource that, used properly, can make the difference between the success or failure of a campaign.

The purpose of these calls to action It can be buying a product, filling out a form, registering on a website or even calling a phone. The possibilities are immense and the key to achieving good results is to have a very creative mind. The call to action They are not a new tool; They have been part of marketing since its beginnings. However, now they are perceived better because the formats to present them are more striking: buttons, banners, pop ups…

What benefits does a call to action have?

The main benefit of using this resource is that new clients are obtained. Working and optimizing call to action allows there to be higher conversions. However, getting it to have the desired effect is not as easy as it seems because it requires a lot of ingenuity. Sometimes, just one word can change everything!

Perfect your marketing strategy

Working with a CTA is an increasingly mandatory issue because results are guaranteed. And thanks to a CTA you can increase the number of visits; also allows get leads qualified and increase the number of followers. Because of CTAs, marketing strategies They have more optimal functioning and a greater flow of activity.

Increase the number of sales

The CTAs are focused on very diverse issues, but mainly, on sales acquisition. Most calls to action seek to provoke the person to purchase a product or service. For it, all kinds of attractive phrases or words are used that influence carrying out an action. They are calls to attention that speak directly to the user to act.

What types of call to action exist?

What is a call to action

There is various types of CTA and each one is dedicated to a different objective. It is not the same to carry out a call to action for a sales website than to get followers on a social network. What are the main CTAs that exist?

Call for action for a website

The first thing to keep in mind is that CTAs should not be abused because they can be penalized. It happens in a similar way with the SEO of a web page. It must be present, but not forced. Naturalness in web pages It is essential and that is why a CTA should only fulfill the function of guiding users.

It is recommended make a landing page (landing page) that matches the call to action to improve results. You can focus on a theme or a product, but always without making the user too dizzy. It is important that he knows where to go at all times. That is why it is convenient place the CTA in a visible place. It is generally placed at the top right because that is where the eyes usually go when they first view a web page.

Besides, CTAs are usually framed in attractive colors that allow increase its effectiveness. Some call to action buttons The most characteristic are “subscribe now”, “contact us” or “take advantage of a 50% discount only for today”. The possibilities are endless.

Articles and calls to action

Writing texts is essential for boost organic traffic to a website and promote the success of a product or service. The articles are intended for blogs, which are a widely used format because allows you to enhance SEO of a website. This is because if the blog and its articles are well structured, users end up accessing other sections.

That is why calls to action are essential. They allow a user who reads an article, end up exercising an action on a product or service. They can be place at the end of the post encouraging reaction, but it has to be in the most natural way possible.

The buttons that encourage share on social networks or in instant messaging services they are call to action buttons. These CTAs are so widespread that people don't perceive them as such.

Call to action on social networks

What is a call to action

Social networks are the queens of calls for action because They are created to attract attention of the users. This makes CTA results multiply if done properly. One of the best marketing strategies on social networks are videos that encourage users to perform an action in exchange for a reward.

This has also extended to gamers. And today players are offered a prize in exchange for a follow. Depending on the social network, one CTA or another may be of interest.

Call to action: a clear example

To understand the effect it can have a well-planned CTA You have to look at the big brands. A clear example of call to action is that of Say hello to everything you love” from HBO MAX. As soon as the user reads the phrase, a feeling of longing to access this streaming platform is generated. This marketing strategy is a phrase created to persuade the user to click and subscribe.

Therefore, a call to action is a essential tool in digital marketing. It can make the difference between success and failure.



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