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The best 5 tricks to optimize your Facebook Ad Manager ads

The best 5 tricks to optimize your Facebook Ad Manager ads

The Facebook Ad Manager tool is one of the best on the market. It allows companies to carry out all kinds of advertising campaigns before a huge international audience. With her, you can customize your ads to meet company objectives. One of the most attractive aspects of this platform is that it allows you to segment the ads in a detailed way. You will be able to focus the ads on very specific niches, using the lowest possible advertising expense without losing effectiveness.

so that you can master Facebook Ad Manager and get much more out of your campaigns, we detail below five tricks to optimize your ads.

5 tricks to optimize your Facebook Ad Manager ads

This tool offered by Facebook has a endless peculiarities. It is convenient that you know the basis of its use to be able to take your campaigns at a higher level.

Use the Facebook pixel

The first thing to keep in mind is that installing the facebook pixel on your website will lead you to success. This pixel records the actions taken on your website so you can learn everything about user interactions. Knowing the interests of the people who visit your website is essential to be able to Create more effective ads. After all, segmentation is about focusing advertising on a specific niche that will have a high probability of interaction.

If you are more interested in the subject of segmentation, you should know that there are two widely used tactics:

  • device targeting. One of the ways to optimize Facebook Ad Manager advertising is by segmenting users who use computers and mobile devices. Keep in mind that the dimensions of the ads are adapted to the type of screen that is being used. It is convenient to structure the ad taking into account the screen on which it will be seen.
  • behavioral targeting. Facebook Ad Manager ads can be targeted by interests, emotions, or behaviors. You can schedule an ad to appear to people shopping online or playing video games, among many others.

The objective of the campaign must be coherent

It is important that the objective of the campaign is related to the commercial objectives. Make a plan outlining what you would consider a win and the actions you want viewers to take when the video ends. Have a mental purpose and select a purpose for the campaign to have agreement with results What do you want to achieve for the company?

Among the commercial goals of a campaign can be found the visibility of a product or service, get new customers or increase the number of newsletter subscribers.

Keep your target audience in mind in Facebook Ad Manager

It is important that you have a mental profile of who you want to attract with the ads. This is known as the buyer persona and precisely, get information of your users with the pixel helps you build it. Enter the information collected from the public that visits your website and make a list of its main features. Once you are clear about the profile you are looking for, you only have to detail it in the ads created with Facebook Ad Manager. You can choose all kinds of specifications such as the country you live in, age, gender, purchasing interests, etc.

Focus on business results

Is very easy to fall into the trap of focusing on clicks and not in business results. It is important that, to achieve the best results, you select an optimization that is related to the business goals of the company such as increasing conversions or visits to the website. This will allow Facebook algorithm chooses users who are more likely to perform the chosen action.

Sometimes, companies focus on clicks and they don't end up getting the results they hoped for. If you tell the algorithm that you want to find people who click, it will find them. However, that does not mean that they will complete a sale or subscribe to a service.

Have flexibility with locations

It is important that you have flexibility with the locations. The more freedom you allow, Facebook algorithm will be able to increase performance looking for potential customers. This will generate better results for your company. Therefore, select the option “automatic placements”. So Facebook Ad Manager will be able to make dynamic ads in different locations. In this way, you will generate better results.

Create personalized calls to action with Facebook Ad Manager

It is important using them call to action to generate impulses in the users. Ads are fully compatible with this type of resource as you can add custom buttons. The Facebook Ad Manager tool allows you to include buttons such as "More information" or "Buy". This encourages to take action. So remember to use all possible creativity in this matter. Your goal is to get the ad to have as much interaction as possible.

Now that you know that Facebook Ad Manager is a very useful tool to carry out successful advertising campaigns and that digital marketing is constantly evolving,You just have to keep these guidelines in mind to stand out from the competition.



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