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8 benefits of Google Ads for the growth of your business

How to use Google Ads to promote your e-commerce

Do you have an e-commerce and are you looking for effective ways to promote it? A good strategy is to use Google advertising. Google's online advertising platform allows you to reach potential customers accurately and effectively. There are various benefits of Google Ads for increase your sales that you should know.

How do Google Ads campaigns work?

Google Ads gives you a wide variety of products to boost your online presence and increase your sales. The most recognized advertising products online include Google Ads, visual ads and v advertisingYodeos. These ads are displayed on Google and its various platforms, such as YouTube.

Additionally, Google makes sponsored content available to you on its Shopping page. This will help you increase web traffic, generate more sales for your e-commerce brands, and maintain constant growth in your business.

Sign in to Google Ads with your Gmail account and follow the instructions to create your own campaign. Here you can select the type of advertising you prefer and establish the objectives you want to achieve.

Use Google Ads campaigns to promote your e-commerce

The best benefits of Google Ads

A Google online advertising campaign will give you solid results. For example, will boost your conversions, increase the flow of visitors to your website and expand your reach. As well as it will also allow you to reach both established clients and new prospects. Most businesses achieve a 4.4% conversion rate when creating online ads on Google. Here are some of the benefits of Google Ads:

1) Improve brand awareness

Google Ads represents one of the most effective strategies for companies like yours to expand their brand recognition. At the same time, it allows for a higher sales volume. There are numerous reasons why this platform can improve your visibility. One of them lies in its global reach. In fact, Google has 4.3 billion users around the world.

And the best of all? It is extremely versatile and adapts to companies in all sectors. Since people from diverse demographic groups and with varied interests use Google, it becomes the ideal place to increase your income.

2) Outperform competitors

Google Ads is highly flexible. You have the ability to match and even surpass the efforts of your competition in a variety of ways. By consolidating greater recognition of your brand, it will be easier for you to surpass your rivals in the market. Let's consider the example of Google Ads. You can take advantage of your competition's tools or search for keywords specific to your industry. This way you can identify those that are already being used by your competitors. From there, you can incorporate those same keywords into your strategy and improve your visibility.

This approach also holds true for other Google products, such as Google Shopping. If you notice that your competitors are doing well with organic results on Google Shopping, you have the option to sponsor your products. This way they appear at the top of searches. This way, you will attract more customers who will choose to buy your products.

Google offers tools that allow you to evaluate how your campaign compares to the competition. For example, as an advertiser, you can access the “Google Ads Auction Insights“. You can compare the performance of your ads with that of your main competitors.

3) Increase potential customers

With the right strategy in Google Ads, you will not only increase the number of potential customers, but you will also boost them in the sales process. Which will result in an increase in your sales. Leads and improved sales are two of the most common advertising goals. That is why they offer all the necessary tools to boost conversions.

While Google Ads is a very popular tactic for generating leads, it is not the only alternative available. Google has various search partners that attract a large flow of visitors to your website and improve its visibility.

Use Google Ads campaigns to promote your e-commerce

When you create your ad campaign, you will be asked for information about your audience, such as demographics and interests. This ensures that your ads are displayed on the appropriate partner websites, where they will be seen by high-quality potential customers.

We recommend using a tool like Google Analytics to collect essential data about your audience, such as their geographic location and the proportion of new and returning visitors to your website.

4) Faster results than organic SEO

An average SEO campaign requires at least three months to show improvements in search results and increase website traffic. By contrast, High-quality ads can start generating impressions and clicks in as little as 24 hours. According to a survey, 64% of respondents stated that Google Ads provide faster results than SEO. Besides:

- He 51% He also expressed that Google Ads, in general, is more effective than organic SEO.
- He 49% pointed out that Google Ads leads to a top conversion rate. It means that an advertising campaign offers more advantages than organic SEO.

It is important to note that not all campaigns will achieve such quick results. Advertisers must design a strategy focused on generating conversions. To take advantage of Google Ads and reach the first position in search results, it is essential Go for keywords with high traffic and low competition. While exploring search terms with a reduced cost per click (CPC).

5) Support a content marketing strategy

You can easily combine organic and paid strategies to improve your marketing performance. SEO encompasses all tactics aimed at ranking websites at the top of organic search results, and these efforts are also applicable to other products such as Google Ads and YouTube.

How can you carry out this combination effectively? Advertisers can use the same keywords in both their organic and paid strategies. However, if you want to rank quickly for a new keyword, you can experiment with a paid strategy before optimizing for organic content.

Although creating the right advertising strategy will provide you with a decent return on investment, it is important to keep in mind that SEO is cheaper in the long term. Since Google Ads and SEO are interconnected, advertisers can save money by investing in both organic and paid tactics.

6) Control your campaign

Google Ads gives you tools so you can have complete control over all aspects of your advertising campaign. Regardless of the type of advertising you are investing in.

First of all, it offers you the ability to target your audience accurately. You can use the “hearing reports” to configure demographics and other segments that best suit your target audience.

In addition, there are various specific controls for different Google advertising products. For example, if you are using search ads, through Google Ads you can select the keywords you want to improve on, and you have the flexibility to adjust your bids over time. You also have the option to bid on new keywords at any time during the course of your campaign.

By having control over the placement of your ads and targeting display ads toward specific topics, you can ensure that your ads show on websites that will maximize your conversions.

7) Use several points of sale

Google has a wide range of products and online platforms. Optimizing your ads for all of these products can mean a significant increase in your visibility on the web.

Google's many media outlets include:

  • Google Ads
  • gmail
  • Google Maps
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Discover
  • Youtube

While some businesses may find search ads to be the best way to spend their advertising budget, consider each of these products and their respective benefits.

8) It is measurable and scalable

In Google Ads Manager, you have various metrics at your disposal to evaluate the performance of your campaign. Google provides resources to help you navigate its tools and track the right metrics.

To ensure the success of your campaign, it is essential to monitor the following metrics:

  1. Investment return
  2. Conversion rate
  3. CTR (Click-Through Rate)
  4. Search impression share
  5. Quality score
  6. Advertising investment

Additionally, there are multiple tools designed to maintain the scalability of your ads, ensuring that your campaign is effective and at the same time saves you time and money.

An excellent starting point is to take advantage of the Google automation tools. For example, with Ad Customizer, you can automatically adjust your ads and messages dynamically to suit your target audience. These customizers will modify your ads in real time to fit your market, meaning you won't have to constantly update your ads.

The benefits of Google Ads position the platform as the main channel for your advertising strategy. Google has various online channels and collaborates with numerous strategic partners. Optimizing your campaign to make the most of these points of sale will help raise your brand recognition and boost your sales considerably.



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