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How to segment your audience in Facebook Ads campaigns

How to segment your audience in Facebook Ads campaigns

When advertising with facebook ads, it is important to know in depth the particularities of the segmentation. For this, one must keep in mind a buyer persona; that is, a mental image of the user niche that the advertising campaign will focus on. This allows you to effectively approach the content model that It will be attractive to get potential customers. Here's everything you need to know to properly target Facebook Ads campaigns.

What happens if you do not have a mental image of the "buyer person"?

You can't run correct Facebook Ads Ads campaigns if you don't know your buyer persona. It is important that you analyze what is attractive about your company and what services or products are more popular. This will be what designs the profile of your ideal buyer. Make a list with all these aspects and introduce the elements in your marketing campaigns.

The more information you have about your potential client, the better the results. It does not work simply with general data, but must be specific issues such as your location, interests, values etc.

Facebook Ads and their audience types

At the time of taking over Facebook Ads campaigns, you will notice that there are three types of main audiences:

  • Custom audience. This is created based on the accesses that your website has. The list of subscribed people or receptions in the emailing they will be the font that your audience designs. The positive factor is that they are people who know your brand and it is easier encourage them to consume.
  • Saved audiences. This is one of the most common. It is defined by age, what they buy online and their interests. Facebook is able to understand what the user wants and automatically segments it.
  • Similar audiences. These are generated when Facebook target similar audiences who has already visited the website. You can even adapt it to choose similar people who have made a purchase on the web. Facebook will segment all the data until it achieves a more specific audience.
How to segment your audience in Facebook Ads campaigns

5 tips to segment the audience of your Facebook Ads campaigns

Every advertising campaign must have the ability to segment the audience. Therefore, we explain what aspects you should take into account when time to make your strategy.

Segment by behavior or interests

This is one of the more basic segmentations What should your ad have? It is important because this way your audience will meet the demographic profile and they will get closer to your buyer persona.

Generate multiple lookalike audiences

devise campaigns lookalike It is ideal for building an audience list that has a high chance of interacting with your ads. In a way, it's about generate profiles that are similar to users who visit your Web page. The reach achieved by these campaigns is usually greater without increasing the investment.

Segment by language

The targeting by language is also paramount. Your brand's audience needs to receive ads in their preferred language. Thus, the buying impulse will be greater and you will end up generating more reach.

How to segment your audience in Facebook Ads campaigns

Make mobile ads

Consuming a video on a computer is not the same as on a mobile. The smartphones they have much narrower dimensions and it is important that the format extends over the entire screen in order to be able to grab consumer attention. In addition, most users use mobile phones, so campaigns focused on this device have higher rate of consumption. However, always check which is the preferred device of your users.

Add CTA in your Facebook Ads campaigns

CTAs are also known as call to action And they are very versatile resources. They have the purpose of attracting the attention of users by inciting involvement. They can be used to get more subscriptions, more sales or more followers. The goal is to get so much attention from users that they feel the urge to do what is asked.

For the CTA they are usually use phrases with a lot of catch, letters in bright colors or emoticons to stand out from the rest of the publications, among others.

As you can see, target Facebook Ads campaigns It's fundamental. It is the most effective way to focus the marketing strategy in user niches specific. In addition, they are very simple to apply thanks to the interface of the campaign applications.



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