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10 YouTube trends you can't ignore in 2023

How to practice targeting your audience in your YouTube Ads campaigns

YouTube trends are related to content themes and styles popular on the platform at a specific time. By staying on top of current trends, you'll be able to make posts that are in tune with what users are seeing. In this way, you will be able increase your visibility.

YouTube trends what you should follow

YouTube has around 2.68 billion users. It is an important platform for both marketers and consumers. If you are a content creator, it is crucial to maintain a Track the latest trends using statistics and analysis. This will allow you to connect with your community, discover current popular topics that generate more views, increase engagement and attract new followers. Below, we leave you the 10 most relevant YouTube trends that you can incorporate into your content in 2023:

1- Challenge videos

Challenge videos represent a fun and effective way to capture the audience's attention. In addition to fostering a sense of community on your channel.

10 YouTube trends you can't ignore in 2023

Google Trends analyzes and presents search data, scoring the numbers in a scale from 0 to 100. In such a metric, the 100 is the maximum popularity and 0 is the minimum. The term “challenge” consistently maintains high popularity, with the score remaining close to 80. Select a challenge that suits your audience and that it is in tune with the principles of your brand or channel. Likewise, it is important to ensure that challenges on YouTube are safe, appropriate, attractive and fun for your followers.

2- Exploit your creativity with YouTube shorts

About 1.5 billion people consume short fashion videos on YouTube every month. This places them as one of the most prominent trends on the platform.

They represent a relatively recent feature on YouTube, similar to TikTok clips or Instagram reels. These videos, which can last up to 60 seconds, are presented in a separate section of the application or website. Additionally, they are designed for easy consumption by your followers.

3- Take advantage of live streaming to improve your reach

YouTube recognizes that live streaming is comfortable and convenient for users. For this reason, they have integrated this function known as “live” in its business model. A prominent example of this was the live broadcast of Coachella 2019 via YouTube. It attracted an amazing audience of 82.9 million viewers, setting a record.

According to Google, of the 100 most popular live streams on the platform, in terms of the most concurrent viewers, more than 60 of them took place in the last two years.

These days, most social media sites include live streaming options. YouTube, for example, gives you the opportunity to host live videos. These are attractive both for educational and entertainment purposes. Streams capture your audience's attention and help you expand your reach. Additionally, you can take advantage of streaming to connect with your audience and project an image of authority by:

  • To interview to experts in your industry.
  • Carry out question and answer sessions.
  • Organize live shopping events It is an emerging trend in e-commerce. In fact, it is expected to gain relevance in the coming years.

4- Build relationships with community engagement videos

Fostering a strong community is key for content creators and YouTubers. It allows them to build a loyal and committed audience that drives the growth of your channels. Recently, YouTube has introduced a new feature called “Community“. With it, creators with more than a thousand followers interact in various ways, such as surveys, text, images, videos and GIFs.

Creators take advantage of this tool to share recent news, posing intriguing questions (which often influence your future content) and much more. In essence, the feature provides a Facebook Page-like experience. Here are some notable examples that are trending:

  1. Regarding the videos of questions and answers, you can answer questions your audience asks you about a wide range of topics, ranging from your personal experiences until offering cadvice on various topicss.
  2. Consider the possibility of collaborate with other YouTubers or influencers to create trendy content that unites audiences and increases the visibility of your channel.
  3. To give your audience an inside view of your life and creative process, you can share videos that show the ins and outs and exclusive details, allowing them to see what your content creation journey is like.
  4. Organize special events to meet your followers and subscribers in person, giving them the opportunity to interact with you in person, can be a great way to strengthen your community.

5- Don't forget the curious and addictive ASMR videos

This is, without a doubt, one of the YouTube trends that has gained popularity on YouTube in recent years. Means: Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR). It causes a tingling sensation in some people when exposed to certain stimuli, such as whispers, soft sounds, or gentle touches. The main objective is to induce this sensation.

People can often be seen whispering, tapping softly, or making other delicate sounds. Additionally, some of these videos feature people performing everyday tasks such as combing their hair, putting on makeup, or cooking.

For those who are fans of ASMR, this content is often a source of relaxation and calm. Additionally, they can be useful for fall asleep, reduce anxiety and relieve stress. According to Google Trends search data for YouTube, the term enjoys considerable popularity. It is kept in a range between 75 and 80 in search trends.

If you are looking for ideas for your ASMR videos on YouTube, here are some suggestions:

  1. Try videos with whispers and soft dialogue. Use soft voices and soothing whispers to captivate a wider audience and keep their attention on your content.
  2. Experiment with videos of stimulating sounds. It incorporates a wide range of sounds, such as tapping, scratching and crinkling, to elicit that tingling sensation.
  3. Immerse yourself in role-playing. Such as simulating a haircut session or a medical examination, to offer a relaxing experience.
  4. Share your passion for food and cooking. Consider recording yourself while you eat or cook. It can be very attractive to those interested in gastronomy and food preparation.
  5. Take advantage of visual triggers. Integrate a variety of visual stimuli, such as hand movements or close shots of objects, to give your viewers an immersive experience.

6- Shopping videos are a safe bet

Immersive shopping videos are at the top of current YouTube trends. Its main objective is to create a immersive shopping experience for those who avoid visiting physical stores. They frequently use augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) to simulate an environment where you interact with the product or service.

10 YouTube trends you can't ignore in 2023

Various products and services can be promoted, from clothing and furniture to cars and homes. They help you visualize how a product would fit in your home or what it would feel like to drive a specific car. The benefits that companies obtain from using these videos include:

  • Increase sales.
  • Improving customer satisfaction.
  • Promote brand loyalty.
  • Reach a broader audience.
  • Promote a wide variety of products and services.

7- Gaming videos

Gaming videos are also one of the highly rated YouTube trends, and their appeal continues to increase. These channels have loyal followers who enjoy interact with YouTube creators who share the same interests. Here are the most prominent types of gaming videos:

  • Let's Play“. Games from start to finish while providing real-time feedback and reactions.
  • Guides and tutorials. Provides step-by-step instructions on how to overcome specific levels or challenges in a game.
  • Esports and video game competitions. Participate in tournaments and high-level matches, often with live commentary and analysis.

A notable example is the channel Total Gaming, who has more than 34 million followers on YouTube.

8- Do vlogging videos

This modality has become a very popular trend. Provides a authentic and close perspective on the lives of content creators or YouTubers. People like to follow the everyday experiences and adventures of their favorite creators.

Vloggers incorporate instrumental music into their videos to make even the most common tasks more engaging. Their followers often feel a personal connection with them. These are the types of fashion vlogs on the platform:

  1. Everyday vlogs. Record and upload a daily video that records your activities and experiences, including your morning routine.
  2. travel vlogs. Document your travels and offer insight through video editing of different destinations and cultures around the world.
  3. Gastronomy and cooking vlogs. Share your culinary experiences with relaxing music and regularly show original dishes or interesting food-related situations.
  4. lifestyle vlogs. Provide your personal opinions and advice through video editing on various topics, including relaxing music, fashion, beauty, health and wellness.
  5. Family Vlogs. Address your relationships and experiences with your loved ones and share the latest news with your audience. This style is often recorded in the company of your children and significant others.

9- Take advantage of AI for videos virtual reality

According to Google Trends, virtual reality videos on YouTube or 360-degree videos have proven to be highly effective to gain considerable momentum in recent years. It is anticipated that its popularity will continue to increase exponentially in the future. They allow users to explore amazing places and experience exciting adventures without leaving the comfort of their living room.

Here are some notable examples of VR videos on YouTube that have gained considerable attention:

  1. Travel and adventure videos. They take viewers on a virtual tour of various locations.
  2. Music and concert videos. They allow viewers to experience musical performances as if they were present at the event.
  3. gaming videos. They provide a more immersive and interactive gaming experience.
  4. Educational videos and documentaries. They offer users educational and documentary content in an immersive and creative way.
  5. Brand Marketing Videos. They use virtual reality to create engaging content. It allows the audience to effectively explore and experience the brand's products and services.

10- New formats: chapters and premieres

YouTube is constantly evolving, introducing new features that allow creators to interact in more innovative ways with their audience. In the last year, it has implemented two functions that will revolutionize the way you share your content:


The chapters allow you divide your videos into sections, to which you give a unique name. This way, your viewers can jump to the parts you want to see by clicking in the video progress bar. In fact, it is similar to how chapters work in books, hence the name.

To add chapters to a video, you must manually enter the name of each section along with its timestamp in the description. Make sure the first chapter starts with the 00:00 timestamp. Furthermore, you need include at least three timestamps in ascending order, and each one must have a minimum duration of 10 seconds.

Note: You also have the option to enable automatic chapters by checking the “Allow automatic chapters (when available and applicable)” on your video description page.


Premieres give you the opportunity to release a new video that you have previously recorded. At the same time, you interact with your followers through live comments, creating an experience similar to a live broadcast. To get the most out of it, you should promote your video as widely as possible.

Once your video is published, be sure to answer any questions that arise and maintain open communication. Once the premiere concludes, the video will display the “Premiere” tag along with the release date.

Recognizing and utilizing the potential of YouTube trends gives rise to an effective strategy to strengthen your video marketing plan. This allows you to stay relevant, attract new followers, optimize engagement and achieve a notable increase in brand recognition.



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