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YouTube Ads practices to improve ad performance

How to create a YouTube Ads campaign

Advertising on YouTube can become a powerful tool for your business. But it's not enough to just have an ad. To obtain results, it is essential know your audience and offer them advertising content that attract and invite them to interact. For this, there is a series of YouTube Ads practices that will allow you to optimize your ads and increase the participation of your community.

What is YouTube Ads for advertising on YouTube?

It is a video marketing platform specifically designed to manage the advertising on YouTube. With this tool, you can generate ads in various formats and select where they are displayed. In addition to having a variety of other customization options.

In Spain, YouTube occupies the second position in terms of online visits. Likewise, it highlights how the most frequented social platform for almost the 90% from users, surpassing Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and other networks. Advertising on YouTube not only follows a trend, but represents a highly powerful and effective digital strategy. It serves to boost traffic, reach, sales, positioning and interaction of a brand.

5 most notable YouTube Ads practices

If you are taking your first steps in YouTube advertising or want to perfect your current campaigns, these tips will be very useful to you. achieve the results you are looking for:

1) Capture your audience's attention

When you're creating your YouTube ads, consider the AIDA model. It consists of capturing the Attention, wake up the Interest, create the Desire and cause the Action. This classic marketing principle is extremely relevant and applicable in contemporary marketing, especially in digital formats.


The first seconds of your YouTube ad are vitally important. To catch attention, you must come up with a creative and attractive hook. Make viewers stop and pay attention immediately. It could be a striking image, an intriguing statement, or a touch of humor. The key is to make it completely irresistible for your audience to look away.

How to create a YouTube Ads campaign


Once you've captured your audience's attention, it's time to keep their interest.

Offer engaging content that not only entertains, but also educate or provide value. Show your product or service in a way that connect with your needs and wants. Highlight the unique features, benefits and solutions your offering provides. By sparking curiosity and presenting your message in an intriguing way, viewers will be more receptive.


After having caught your attention and generated your interest, it is crucial to ignite the spark of desire in your audience. Employ strategies persuasive narratives for evoke emotions and create a longing deep for what you have to offer. Compellingly show how your product or service can positively improve their lives. Then, paint a vivid picture of the desirable results they can achieve by choosing your brand.


The ultimate purpose of your YouTube ad is to get your audience to take action. After you've captivated users and sparked their desire, it's time to be direct about what you want them to do. Includes a strong and clear call to action (CTA). You can motivate them to click a link, make a purchase, subscribe to a newsletter, or visit your website.

2) Let your call to action be loud and clear

It doesn't matter how much attention your ad has caught. If you don't have a good call to action, you might not reach your desired goal. The CTA serves as the emotional connection link that your ad has created with the specific action you want viewers to take. It is the motivation that drives them to go beyond simple interest and engage enthusiastically with your brand.

You must be extremely clear and specific about the action you want your audience to take. Whether by encouraging them to “click the link below“, “subscribe now“, “follow us to get more information" either "explore our website“. Lack of clarity can result in missed opportunities and lower ROI.

Highlight the benefits that they can obtain by acting immediately. Plus, it reinforces the idea that indecision could cause you to miss out on something valuable.

3) Optimize ad formats and placement

On YouTube you can find different types of ads. But the mid-roll, also called instream ads, are highly effective in capturing the attention of those who are watching. In context, the ads pre-roll are the ones who appear just before before the video starts. While the ads post-roll appear at the end the content.

How to create a YouTube Ads campaign

But, without a doubt, in YouTube Ads practices the ads mid-roll They are the champions. Imagine this: viewers are already deep into the video, and right at that moment, your ad slides into the middle of the action. The advantage? It doesn't feel as invasive like those who interrupt at the beginning or at the end. This means that people tend to pay more attention to your message instead of just skipping over it.

4) Improve landing page experience

It doesn't matter how great your ad is. If your landing page doesn't match the message or provide a seamless user experience, your conversion rates will likely suffer. Here we recommend some strategies to perfect your landing page experience and boost the effectiveness of your campaign advertising on YouTube:

  1. Align your landing page with the ad message. This ensures a smooth and consistent transition for users, strengthening the message they saw in the ad and maintaining their interest in your product or service.
  2. Highlight influencers (if applicable). If your YouTube ad is endorsed or features influencers, be sure to incorporate them into your landing page as well. This builds credibility and trust among your audience by seeing a familiar face endorsing your offer.
  3. Make sure your landing page is intuitive and easy to navigate. This means it should load quickly, work well on mobile devices, and have a design that guides visitors to the action you want them to take.
  4. Eliminate unnecessary distractions. Get rid of any elements or content that could distract users from your main call to action. The cleaner and more focused your design is, the more likely visitors will be to follow through and take the action you're looking for.
  5. Experiment with variations. Create different versions of your landing page and compare their performance to determine which elements generate the best results. Try different layouts, headlines, images and calls to action.
  6. Learn from the competition. Observe the strategies they employ, take note of their successes, and learn from their mistakes to improve both the design and content of your own landing page.

5) Continually test your creatives

Missing growth opportunity is what happens if you don't modify your original video ad. On YouTube, the creative aspect of your ad plays a key role in its success. Therefore, it is essential that you launch into experiment and make improvements without fear. To stay ahead, stay tuned for key metrics as the retention of spectators and carefully analyze the reactions of your audience.

After you have evaluated this knowledge, you must take the initiative to make the necessary changes in your creatives. Also, don't hesitate to combine your old ads with new ones for effective distribution.

Just as banner “blindness” can quickly impact the effectiveness of visual ads, the engagement of those viewing video ads tends to decline over time. Therefore, we advise you to have a strategy to refresh your video creatives, thus ensuring not only maintain, but even increase participation.

Bonus Tip: Refine Your Targeting

If your YouTube ads aren't getting the results you expect, it's time to reconsider your targeting strategy. Targeting too broad an audience or focusing on too many aspects of your audience can make it difficult for your campaign to be successful. We recommend that you fine-tune your focus and orientation to connect with the people who really matter, even if this means giving up part of your reach.

An easy way to test this is to duplicate your campaigns, using the same creativity but with a slightly different objective. In essence, you would be conducting an A/B test for your targeting. Don't forget to make sure you keep all other aspects of your ad campaign exactly the same when doing this.

Finally, keep in mind that it's not just about creating a dynamic video. Requires the integration of all supporting elements, such as proper segmentation, landing page experience, an effective call to action, advertising creativity and strategic placements.

Although each element has its relevance, the appropriate combination of all YouTube Ads practices will ensure that your ads reach a level of effectiveness that goes beyond the mere sum of their components.



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