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How to choose the right ad type for your YouTube Ads campaign

How to choose the right ad type for your YouTube Ads campaign

YouTube Ads is a video marketing system which is designed to create and manage advertising campaigns on YouTube. Through this platform, you can tailor your ads in detail and insert them into videos at any time you see fit. Is a very useful tool with which you can open up to a large international audience. YouTube Ads allows you to choose between several ad formats and each one has its peculiarities. Next, we detail what they consist of and how many there are.

5 ad formats in YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads makes available to companies a series of advertisements with different characteristics. Each one has a different approach, including all kinds of options, functionalities and mechanisms of action. At present, you can find the following five ad formats:

In-stream ads

This type of ad is published before, during or after the audiovisual content from YouTube. One of the interesting features of in-stream ads is that they are also published in the websites and apps who are Google's (video) partners. They are divided into two styles:

  • In-stream skippable ad or TrueView in-stream. This is one of the most used and is characterized by playing with the option to skip after five seconds. The user has in his hand whether to continue consuming the ad or remove it. If the ad is clicked, it automatically redirects to a landing page, a product page or whatever the company in charge has specified. This advertisement usually lasts between 15 and 20 seconds. It is important that highly attractive content is broadcast in the first five seconds to engage the user and get them to continue viewing.
  • Non-skip in-stream ads. These ads are known to be 15-20 seconds long with no skippability. The user has to watch it until the end if he wants to reach the video of his interest.

TrueView Video Discovery Ads

These ads were known as TrueView on display and were renamed TrueView Video Discovery. They are known because they appear in the YouTube home page and in search results.

Within this ad style, you can opt for another modality called TrueView for Action. This video ad format subcategory is the result of a combination of skippable in-stream ads using standard ad groups. They are designed to get all possible conversions; that's why they appear on the YouTube watch page and Google video partners.

Outstream YouTube Ads

The out-stream YouTube Ads stand out for their auto play and no sound. This prompts the user to activate it in case of interest. They are only available in mobile phones and tablets within the Google Display Network. It is important to investigate in detail how this type of advertising works in order to know if it is what you need for your digital marketing campaign.

advertising bumpers

The advertising bumpers are short ads that are viewed on YouTube with a duration of six seconds or less. They are not skippable and appear before, during or after the videos. These ads stand out for be very effective and combine very well with TrueView ads, reaching potential customers. However, you should always make a digital marketing strategy to see if they fit well into the objectives.

Some of its most important advantages are the powerful, the use of Advanced Google Adwords Technology and the ability to drive awareness of your brand.

YouTube Ads masthead

The masthead are easy to identify because appear at the top of the feed, on the YouTube home page. They are used by companies regularly because they are suitable for computers, smartphones, tablets and televisions. However, in order to acquire this advertising format you will have to make a book with a Google sales representative.

Specifications for advertising on YouTube Ads

Before you choose what type of format your ad will have, you must publish it on the platform like any other YouTube video. It is essential to know the Technical specifications and duration of the ads so that they can be accepted without problems. The specifications for advertising are the same as for any other video on the platform. They have a minimum duration of 33 seconds, excluding static and black images in the video channel. In the same way, silent images and background noise in the audio channel are not accepted, among other issues.

However, there are exceptions when it comes to in-feed ads or TrueView Video Discovery:

  • YouTube Ads they have to have one minimum duration of 12 seconds and maximum of three minutes. In the event that they can be omitted on YouTube Kids, they must have a maximum duration of 60 seconds and if they cannot be omitted, 15 seconds, except for Mexico where 20 seconds are allowed. If the ad is a bumper, it can only be a maximum of six seconds.
  • Discovery ads must have a format AVI, ASF, Quicktime, Windows Media, MPS4 or MPEG. The video codec must be H.264, MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 and the audio codec AAC-LC or MP3. The proportion is recommended to be 16:9 or 4:3, although YouTube automatically adapts the file depending on the device. Images should go to 30FPS and maximum file size should be 1 GB.

YouTube Ads is an amazing platform to promote your company. It has a huge audience and very attractive ad formats that will satisfy all your needs.



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