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How should a digital transformation be done?

digital transformation

The world is constantly changing and, for a few years, what used to be worth in the business field, no longer does. The new technologies they have come to stay. Despite the fact that this causes terror for many, the truth is that you have to see them as a way to optimize time and work. However, there are companies that resist change and look the other way every time they hear about digital transformation. The truth is that although it may seem like a complex concept, you only have to carry out a few steps to obtain multiple benefits.

Digital transformation is the digitization of all sectors that make up a company. This inclusion of new technologies allows the firm to open up to new markets, to have a greater reach and to optimize its time. In definite accounts, the method with which companies worked a few years ago has become obsolete. Today, if you want to succeed and not let the competition step on you, digital transformation It is a step that you must take as soon as possible.

The benefits of digital transformation

Market Knowledge

That's right, digital transformation allows in-depth knowledge of the market that your company is targeting. Technology provides multiple options for understanding everything you need to know about your target audience, such as what their tastes are and what problems they suffer.

Better directed decisions

By having endless data about the market, the competition and your target audience at your fingertips, you will be able to make concrete decisions based on reliable data. Today, it is unthinkable to plan a strategy without an analysis of previous data that allows you to see where you are and what you need to reach the goal you want.

open your market

With digital transformation, borders are blurring and the whole world is connected through business relationships. Your presence in search engines and social networks will allow you to reach all the countries you want. Thus, the population or the size of the city in which you are is no longer important, weighing more heavily on the quality and quantity of your presence in the digital world.

End the separation between the different parts of your company

Digital transformation allows a closer relationship between the different areas of your company. Communication between departments has often turned out to be cumbersome to say the least. However, the entry of digitization achieves a continuous and direct contact between the different teams. This prevents potential mistakes caused by misinformation and further cooperation, which will increase productivity. If you have several branches spread across the country, this will make the most of it. In fact, there are many companies that are transforming and adopting the teleworking modality, something that would be impossible without digital transformation. You will also notice the difference when it comes to relating to your customers or distributors.

Optimize your time

Thanks to the multiple tools offered by today's technology, there are tasks that used to take up a good part of the working day and now you only have to dedicate a few minutes. This is one of the greatest advantages of digital transformation, there are programs and applications designed for each market sector and for each type of task. In this way, work is streamlined and time is optimized, not to mention cost reduction. In the long run, this translates into a productivity increase of each member that makes up the company.

Helps you get rid of the competition

Thanks to all the above points, you will be able to give the competition a pulse. The knowledge of the market, the large amount of data that you have at your disposal, the expansion to other places and the increase in productivity They will help you position yourself among the first in the sector. In addition, thanks to digitization, there are more and more options to differentiate your products and services from those of your competitors. Here the imagination has no limits and there are all kinds of proposals.

Key technologies for digital transformation and their advantages

Internet of things or IoT

The Internet of Things is one that allows physical objects to connect to the Internet, such as light bulbs or medical devices. This technology streamlines processes, reduces uncertainty and eliminates a large part of unforeseen events. With it, you can access data remotely and control certain processes. At the industrial level, the IoT represents a before and after.

information exchange

Among the advantages of this type of technology is the exchange of information immediately. For example, it lets you know in what status is an order that you have sent to another country or that you want to receive from a distributor. In the same way, you will also know if it has suffered any inconvenience when stopping somewhere along the way. In terms of security, Your company will be completely protected, since at the slightest sign of theft, the police will be called automatically without you having to do anything. If you work with heavy machines, you will have the opportunity to know when they fail and why, so that engineers can take action.

energy saving

By incorporating the Internet of Things into your company, you will achieve great energy savings. For example, no light or computer will stay on when the office is empty or when there is enough natural light. You can schedule lighting so that it turns on according to the working day or depending on the sunlight. In addition, if you have electric blinds, you can also have them go up at a certain time. This is very useful, since when working on tasks that require a lot of concentration, employees tend to neglect these types of issues. Thus, it is very common to find the office with the blinds down and the lights on at 11 in the morning.

On the other hand, energy savings will also be reflected in the air conditioning. With the Internet of Things, the heating or air conditioning will turn on depending on the time you have left to get to the office or based on the weather conditions.

big data

Big Data is a term that refers to the large amount of data that reaches businesses. Its objective is to be able to gather all this information to increase profits and streamline firm processes.

Thorough knowledge of customers

With this technology, you will be able to know customers in a more precise and exact way. In this way, you will be able to address them in a much more accurate way. In the world of marketing, the multiple tools available make it possible to carry out less expensive and more effective campaigns. In addition, it also helps to know the mistakes made to avoid them in the future. You will know in which digital media your target audience is present, which topics are of interest to them and which formats attract their attention the most.

Good working environment

On the internal face of the company, Big Data also plays an important role. Thanks to it, you will be able to select new employees according to certain information of interest to which you will have access. In addition, you will be able to carry out studies in which to see How does productivity vary? employees according to the conditions, the schedules of the day, the time of the year or the treatment in the team. At the same time, they may offer you information about their relationship with the company, their well-being with the position and with colleagues, in order to carry out the necessary procedures so that the work environment is optimal.

Reduce times

Thanks to the Big Data Analytics programs, you will be able to shorten the times in which you create a new product or service, having at your disposal the data you need almost instantly. Thus, working time is optimized and you will be able to defend yourself more quickly from the competition or unforeseen events. On the other hand, costs will be reduced.

Helps you position yourself in the sector

Thanks to the analysis of all the data that lands daily in your business and a good management of them, you will be able to offer your target audience what you are looking for and at a price that fits your standard of living and budgets. Thus, you will have an advantage over the competition.

mobile platforms

It is not something new, mobile devices are a indispensable tool in any plane of life, but much more at work. Thanks to smartphones or tablets, you will be connected at all times, being able to solve urgent problems or work from anywhere.


Mobile devices allow you to work from anywhere. Since they are very comfortable to wear, you can take them anywhere with you. You will not only take advantage of this when you are traveling, but between meetings or going from one place to another. At the same time, the rest of the squad will have the same possibility, so the activity will be more dynamic.


When a problem arises, you can be as decisive as possible and act immediately. In addition, the data you access they will always be updated, so you will find out any news instantly.


With a mobile device at your fingertips, you can make virtual meetings with staff or clients. You can also share the screen to show graphics or documentation of interest. Without a doubt, the comfort will increase a lot with the arrival of mobile platforms in the company.

digital transformation

Steps for digital transformation

keep an open mind

This first point is crucial to carry out a digital transformation in your company. The typical 'this is not for me' mentality is nothing more than a death sentence for any business. You may feel overwhelmed at first. However, if you propose to get out of your comfort zone, you will look at everything from another prism and you will see everything from a more positive and comforting side.

Nowadays, Your customers use new technologies to perform any task, either to talk to family members, to check your bank account, to move around the city or to study. Companies, after all, must be in tune with their target audience. If consumers make full use of new technologies, you should too.

Promotes knowledge of the digital world in the company

From managers to members of the company with less responsibility, everyone should be aware of the news in the digital world. To do this, it organizes courses taught by experts that teach them to defend themselves in the current business environment. Also, encourage them to promote self-awareness. It is important that they know the reasons why digital transformation is necessary and the advantages they will receive with the change.

Include new technologies in your strategies

After training on the subject, he incorporates in each sector of the company those technologies that best suit the company. In each strategy, make use of digital media to achieve your goals or resolve relevant issues.

In summary, it is important that you do not see digital transformation as a huge leap to be made from one day to the next, but for what it is: a transformation. Take small steps that gradually lead you to work side by side with technologies in the day-to-day of your company. In most cases, employers are overwhelmed by this change due to impatience. If you go little by little, sector by sector, and you have the necessary knowledge and help, everything will be much easier for you.



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