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10 best digital marketing campaigns you can carry out

Best platforms for affiliate marketing

Digital marketing is effective in achieving more visibility and attracting more customers, but it can be expensive and time-consuming without guaranteeing profits. Analyze successful digital marketing campaigns and study their strategies It is an option that many experts recommend. This helps connect with potential leads.

What is a marketing campaign?

A marketing campaign is a planned and executed strategy by a company or brand. Your goal is promote your products or services, and achieve your business goals. It typically involves a series of coordinated tactics that can include online and offline advertising, public relations, content marketing, social media, and more.

Consists in attract the attention of a target audience. In this way, persuade them to take a specific action, such as purchasing a product or subscribing to a service, and build a strong brand image in the market.

Best platforms for affiliate marketing

How to run an effective digital marketing campaign?

What elements are essential in a digital marketing strategy? Here are some key considerations when launching yours:

Set your goal

Define an objective with the purpose of increase conversions, whether through a blog article, e-book, or video focused on an area of advanced difficulty, represents an excellent strategy.

Run quickly

Once you have defined your objective and chosen the format that fits your goals, It is important that you put it into action. A common mistake that many people make in marketing is investing excessive time in perfecting their project, delaying the launch. This can significantly slow down production speed and put the growth of your project at risk.

For example, if you are creating a video and you don't have professional equipment, start by recording with an iPhone. Then update your equipment as you confirm it works. This will allow you move faster and avoid unnecessary delays.

Track your campaign 

Once you have launched your campaign, it is crucial measure your results and analyze which aspects were most effective. Keep in mind that some strategies, such as Blogging and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). That is, they can have a slow start, so you need to be patient with them. On the other hand, tactics such as paid advertising, influencer marketing and other digital campaigns will allow you to identify which campaigns deserve to be discontinued and which should be expanded and improved.

10 best digital marketing campaigns

The best digital marketing campaigns are those that captivate global audiences, boost branding, and drive meaningful conversions. These are some notable examples that illustrate the creativity and effectiveness of these strategies:

1- Audible

They stick to the trend of product-driven growth. Following a similar approach to Netflix, Audible is hiring creators to produce exclusive content for your platform. A key aspect here is that the company is looking at what has worked in parallel industries, such as video streaming. They have started collaborations with influencers and renowned actors to narrate or create your own original content.

Brand lesson:

The focus on product-driven growth is gaining ground in the marketing world. Brands are increasingly oriented towards their customers. If you are part of a media company, how can you develop authentic content? For a software company, is it possible to incorporate free features? In addition, it is essential to pay attention to related industries. Likewise, study the strategies that leading brands are adopting to stay ahead.

2- Mobile Monkey

MobileMonkey, a tool facebook chatbot Designed for businesses, it actually puts its own advice into practice. With customer acquisition costs constantly increasing, they decided to use their own chatbot. With the objective of reduce these expenses and increase your reach. At the time, they were spending between $150 and $250 per lead. The problem is that you usually pay per click. But if this click doesn't translate into a visit to your website, it's likely to be lost.

So, it is likely that, even if you manage to get clicks, you will not be able to make sales. Unless you carry out a process of effective remarketing. When MobileMonkey started improving its messaging, it was able to automatically collect information from the people in its system. This later allowed them to direct them more effectively.

To carry out this reorientation, they implemented drip campaigns in Messenger. This resulted in a 97% reduction in lead acquisition cost. It also gave them the opportunity to reach a wider audience with their product.

Brand lesson:

If you're interested in cutting your marketing spend, consider lowering the cost by exploring underutilized channels. Instead of focusing solely on attracting more people through your advertising, focus on the obtaining high quality leads in your contact list.

3- Lego

Lego advertisements stand out for their creativity. It seeks to inspire children and adults alike to rebuild and reinvent using its iconic bricks. Rebuild the World It was one of their most popular digital marketing campaigns. They wanted to explore topics that transcend the scope of the toy industry. In the campaign, allusions are made to the phenomenon of climate change and a scene with a transgender couple is presented. Its objective was motivate generations to delve into significant social issues.

An impressive 89% of people choose to purchase products from brands that share their principles. This becomes an outstanding strategy to stand out in the market.

Brand lesson:

Establishing yourself as a brand that cares about more than just its products is a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition. Think about how you can create a story and values that your target audience remembers. Avoid being a faceless brand that caters to “everyone.” Choose a posture and own it.

4- dove

Dove is known for its outstanding work in the field of marketing. It is characterized by its emotional ads that challenge stereotypes by transforming the perception of beauty. It understands that its core offering, which includes body wash and soap, represents only a small part of the big picture. Women not only seek to improve their physical appearance, but also to experience a feeling of emotional well-being.

They started their campaignReal Beauty” with an ad that featured a forensic artist creating two blind drawings of several women. One of the drawings was based on the description that each woman gave of herself. While the other was based on the description that another person provided about them. The resulting drawings from the women describing themselves were noticeably less flattering than those that came from other people's descriptions.

Since this campaign began, the company has experienced a significant increase in value. Almost doubling it and reaching a valuation of more than 4.5 billion dollars. This achievement highlights the relevance of joining a movement and to be attentive to the true needs and desires of your clients.

Brand lesson:

Understand the deep needs of your clients. In this case, these women were looking to purchase a product related to beauty and personal care. However, his desire transcended the simple fact of having soap in his hands; They longed to experience a greater sense of beauty and self-esteem in their own skin. Dove knew how to excel in this task. We suggest that you reflect on what is the broadest solution that your company can provide. It is very likely that your customers are using your product as a tool to achieve a more meaningful goal in their lives.

5- Slack

Slack is a online communication platform that operates in the cloud. It aims to be the epicenter of collaboration in the work environment. Its purpose is to allow you and your team, interact more effectively. Likewise, facilitating communication, file sharing in one place and integration with other essential tools, such as Google Drive, Zapier or Salesforce. In addition, it offers the functionality of making video calls.

Since launching in 2014 with just 15,000 users, Slack has seen an astonishing rise. It now holds the prestigious title of being the Fastest growing business app in history.

When they started their journey, instead of launching a huge marketing campaign, they focused on creating an amazing experience: make three clicks to start. If at any time you decided to stop using it, they would refund your investment. Furthermore, your time Average response is approximately one hour, despite receiving more than 25,000 requests every day.

The product itself solves an important challenge that teams were facing, which is moving away from tedious and messy email chains in search of more effective communication.

Brand lesson:

Since its inception, Slack has focused its efforts on offer a solution rather than just a product. They have paid special attention to the customer experience. They understand that a positive perception can achieve much more than a large marketing budget. As their motto says, they have “the mission to simplify, make more enjoyable and increase the productivity of your work life.” Therefore, we encourage you to focus on Identify and solve the weaknesses your own customers face.

6- Airbnb

Airbnb has revolutionized the way you travel and search for accommodation. It was created when its creators were facing difficulties paying their own rent. It now has an astonishing number of more than 150 million users. As well as more than 7 million accommodation listings available, achieving a valuation that exceeds 35 billion dollars.

Your digital marketing strategy is mainly based on the use of images and videos created by the users themselves. The content is disseminated through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, especially highlighting the cities and properties that are part of its offer. Additionally, use instructional videos and posts aimed at both hosts and travelers interested in exploring the most popular cities.

Brand lesson:

To create solid demand around your product or service, Find a topic that is related to your business and make it interesting. For example, although Airbnb is essentially a collaborative hosting platform, its engaging content focuses on travel destinations around the world. Generate that genuine interest through your content, and you will see how income increases.

Also, consider taking advantage of to influencers to carry out your marketing strategies. These people are often a rich source of campaign ideas, as they have a deep understanding of their audience and can authentically connect with them.

7- tesla

The success achieved by Tesla constitutes an outstanding example of digital marketing strategies with a strong presence on social media platforms. Despite its relative youth on the market compared to competitors such as BMW, Audi and Chevrolet, it has achieved astonishing popularity. With nearly 30 million followers on Twitter. Of course, this level of success is the result of a comprehensive approach, but we can identify two essential elements in your strategy.

The first is related to the figure of Elon Musk, its CEO and also current owner of the social network Twitter. It is not limited to just sharing advertisements and product promotions. Use your profile to show your personality and connect in a more authentic and transparent way with the public.

The second element is based on the live streaming events that they organize. Such activities generate a lot of publicity and attention, leading people to share the links on social media and engage in real-time conversations.

Brand lesson:

Here you have two valuable lessons. First of all, if you are the CEO or founder of a company, don't be afraid to delve into social media. Keep a active online presence contributes to your brand and your mission being perceived in a way closer and recognizable. Second, live streaming events are a great strategy to focus attention and engage your customer base. They encourage conversations between friends and strangers from all over the world.

8- Google Photos

Although Google is primarily known as a leading technology company, you may not immediately associate it with campaigns emotional advertising. However, his announcement “Loretta” managed to move audiences around the world during the 2020 Super Bowl. It generated extensive media coverage that included CNN and other major media outlets.

It tells the story of a man who uses Google Photos to relive moments shared with his late wife. A touching detail is that the audio of the ad comes from the grandfather of a Google employee, which adds an even more emotional touch. This example shows that even a technology company as large as Google understands the relevance of establish emotional connections with your users.

Brand lesson:

When you are planning to invest in a marketing campaign, it is important that you think about how you can connect with people's emotions. Ask yourself how your product truly benefits users and affects their lives in a positive way. Then, think about how you can capture that essence and share it with your community.

9- Sephora

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, restrictions were put in place that prevented people from trying on makeup in brick-and-mortar stores. In some cases, access to stores was completely prohibited. This situation represented an opportunity for Sephora. They had previously developed a solution that allowed people try makeup products virtually.

Launched an application that uses augmented reality and artificial intelligence technology. This way, users could try makeup products from the comfort of their devices. In addition to this functionality, the application offers users tips and recommendations during your experience. It is integrated with Sephora's online store, allowing customers to add products directly to their shopping cart.

Brand lesson:

Today, some companies are facing difficulties as the economy leans increasingly toward a “low demand“. This change represents a particularly big challenge for those brands that market products that consumers prefer to try and experience before making a purchasing decision.

However, technology is advancing rapidly to adapt to consumer preferences. Even if your budget isn't as big as Sephora's, there are ways to take advantage of technology to facilitate your clients' experience of trying and view your various products, both online and in the physical store.

10- Trello #WhereITrello

Trello is another example of a B2B company who knew how to take advantage of social networks effectively. One of its successful campaigns was the initiative #WhereITrello, which encouraged Trello users to Share your experiences and ways of using the product.

The challenge was “Share a Trello photo in your workplace, whether it's your desk, an outdoor space, or any other place where you do your tasks. Tell us your story using the hashtag #WhereITrello, and you'll have a chance to win exclusive prizes every week.” The campaign achieved a great impact by target your ideal audience. It included small businesses and individual entrepreneurs who are proud to work remotely. Therefore, it was not difficult to encourage them to share their workplaces.

Don't forget that 71% of consumers who have positive experiences with a brand's social networks have more probability of recommending that mark to your friends. This provides companies with a valuable opportunity to increase your chances of receiving referrals.

Brand lesson:

Before launching a campaign on social networks, it is important that you consider What aspects are your clients proud of?. If you offer them a motivation By getting them to share what they are proud of, your campaign will have greater impact and success. Furthermore, the user-generated content It is one of the most successful marketing strategies. Not only can it be shared, but it also provides social proof that positively influences.

Last words on online marketing campaigns

Almost all of the brands mentioned in this list already have a strong presence in the market, and these successful campaigns were certainly not their first attempts. So don't be discouraged if your first campaign doesn't become a global phenomenon right away. Instead, start with Thoroughly understand the needs, wants, and weaknesses of your audience.

Once you've gained a deep understanding of your community, experiment with various messages. Look for inspiration in the digital marketing campaigns mentioned above. If you create an exceptional product and provide quality service, it's only a matter of time before your campaign achieves the recognition you seek.



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