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Promote your company with YouTube Ads, let’s learn 4 Keys

Aprende a promocionar tu empresa con YouTube Ads

YouTube is one of the most used platforms at an international level to consume audiovisual content. This makes it an ideal showcase for all those companies that want to carry out a Digital Marketing strategy. It is a social platform that has high levels of traffic to offer businesses the ability to properly position their content, generate engagement and produce sales. Promote your company with YouTube Ads is a good idea and we explain why.

What is YouTube Ads?

YouTube Ads is a video marketing platform created by YouTube so you can create advertising campaigns and manage them from a single place. This system allows you to choose the right ad format for your digital marketing strategy and choose at what point in the video to insert the ad to get the best possible results. Learning how to use this integrated YouTube ad platform is a way to get instant results. Of course, you have to have an innovative and efficient advertising strategy planned to the millimeter in order to be successful.

3 advantages of promoting your company with YouTube Ads

The advantages of this platform are indisputable. You can create all kinds of formats to adapt the ads to different objectives. In the same way, you can choose how much economic investment to inject, segment ads into niches and promote heterogeneous content. However, here are three advantages for you to understand the potential of YouTube Ads in your digital marketing campaigns.

Campaigns with unparalleled reach

YouTube is a platform that has a spectacular audience. It is the second most used search engine on the planet after Google. This fact alone makes it clear that it is a perfect cover letter for companies that are looking for visibility. The videos on this platform can easily reach millions of views because they are part of a multimedia ecosystem that enhances each other.

Promoting your company with YouTube Ads generates luxury engagement

Videos are a content format that attracts a lot of attention and generates a lot of interaction. Precisely for this reason, promoting your company with YouTube Ads is a phenomenal idea. It allows your ad to be present in high quality videos that will generate a lot of reactions and emotions. This increases the likelihood that a user will decide to interact and share your ad.

YouTube has priority positioning in Google

Nowadays, the vast majority of companies have all their multimedia content published on YouTube and this has a good explanation. This social platform has priority positioning in Google and functions as a exellent SEO strategy. The ability to get organic traffic increases dramatically, making it a star combination.

4 keys to promote your company with YouTube Ads

It is important to know the basics of YouTube Ads to achieve a successful advertising campaign. Any digital marketing strategy must have planning, analysis and organized budget management. In addition, video marketing has its own methods that will allow you to scale results quickly. Pay attention to the following 5 keys to achieve a successful campaign with YouTube Ads.

Give all formats a chance

YouTube Ads tools are very complete and support the use of different formats. Each of them will allow you to achieve a different objective and you should give them a chance. This way, you will be able to analyze their results and compare them with other formats until you find the star combination.

One of the most outstanding facets of this ad platform is that it allows you to segment the audience with many parameters. If you combine this field with the formats, you can elaborate all kinds of approaches to approach a successful advertising campaign. Think carefully about what goals you want to achieve and what niche of users are most likely to interact.

Segment each ad in detail

Targeting consists of choosing a niche of users for one or several ads. It is very important to know how to segment them well in order to take advantage of all the targeting options offered by YouTube Ads. You can show ads to literally all kinds of people according to the content they interact with, what they consume, where they live, what devices they use, how old they are, and a host of other options. This makes it a star tool; you can program your ad to be seen by the buyer persona you have in mind, increasing conversion by far.

To promote your company with YouTube Ads use keywords

Never forget to use keywords in your content. SEO is everywhere on the internet, including social networks and the images or videos you embed in blogs. Therefore, YouTube is no exception and it is important to choose the right keywords to include in ad texts, dialogues and voiceovers. YouTube’s algorithms are one step ahead and analyze everything, including audio content.

Don’t forget the call to action (CTA)

Call to action will always be a fundamental tool to drive users to consume. As their name suggests, they are a call to action to incite people to perform an action; it can be the purchase of a product, the acquisition of a service, subscribing to a web page or any other issue that requires the user’s will. They are usually made with eye-catching typographies, bright colors or catchy phrases.

As you can see, promoting your company with YouTube Ads is a total success. It is a very complete tool that will allow you to access the most potential users to interact with your brand. You just need to have an innovative digital marketing strategy; the showcase is already there.



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