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How to create a content marketing strategy on LinkedIn to increase your reach and engagement

Cómo crear una estrategia de marketing de contenidos en LinkedIn para aumentar tu alcance y engagement

LinkedIn is one of the most prestigious job platforms in the world. Countless employers post jobs every day and a considerable labor exchange is being generated. However, this platform has taken a step further and has now also become a highly recognized social network among entrepreneurs. People can publish all kinds of content and generate engagement. That is why we tell you how to develop a content marketing strategy on LinkedIn.

Tips for developing a content marketing strategy on LinkedIn

Each social network has its own operation, but LinkedIn generates some confusion because it is linked to the world of work. That is why you should take into account the following tips and thus focus your strategy properly.

Publish quality content

Content is the backbone of any website on the Internet. It is the fuel that keeps platforms moving. Providing valuable content is essential because it will generate satisfaction in users who decide to visit your profile. This will definitely generate greater engagement and in turn, greater reach. Forget about the frequency of publication because this platform prioritizes quality, especially when it comes to a social network for employment.

Cómo crear una estrategia de marketing de contenidos en LinkedIn para aumentar tu alcance y engagement

Another aspect to take into account when using this platform as a social network is the format. Images are the preferred way LinkedIn users communicate, followed by articles and videos. This means that companies should focus on developing this type of content.

When creating it, try to create topics that invite your audience to interact. You can elaborate articles with questions that encourage users to answer and visually interesting images. The goal is to leave the user with the feeling of wanting to contribute. This is the way to stimulate the user to encourage engagement.

Finally, don’t forget that content should be short and easy to read. This way, people will be able to quickly consume and share it.

Plan your content marketing strategy on LinkedIn

It is important that you do a good content planning before you start. Users want different topics because if you don’t, you run the risk of losing them as an audience. Select a series of topics that give you a margin to think about the next ones. This way, you will always be ahead of the curve and have time to maneuver.

Therefore, to make your articles and images a success, include interesting data for your niche of users, infographics, news of interest and keep users updated about your company.

Analyzes the content of the competition

Analyzing what the competition publishes allows you to get more out of your business. You will get to group all the elements of other businesses to know how to be different. This is essential as it will allow you to stand out from the rest.

Creating content that has never been seen before will give you an advantage, increasing the number of followers and engagement. You can even generate viral content.

Use keywords and CTAs in content

It is not only enough to build quality content, but you have to accompany it with keywords and CTAs. Keep in mind that, even if you create excellent content, users are constantly exposed to all kinds of formats. It is important that yours has something that makes it special.

Cómo crear una estrategia de marketing de contenidos en LinkedIn para aumentar tu alcance y engagement

Keywords get your content to the desired audience and vice versa. It also allows you to rank much more directly in search results. On the other hand, call to action (CTA) are calls to action. Some companies, for example, use colored icons to attract users’ attention. However, there are many other ways to capture attention such as a catchy phrase, bold text or the use of bright colors.

Be present in the comments

It is important that people see that the company is active. It is not only about publishing content but also about participating in conversations. This will attract a lot of attention from users and they will seek to interact with the company to exchange opinions.

It is a very effective way to promote the visibility and credibility of a business. Therefore, it shows users that the company is made up of several people to increase followers and loyalty.

Schedule your publications in your LinkedIn content marketing strategy.

The option of scheduling content exists in virtually all of the the social media and yet it is not always used. Content scheduling allows you to plan your marketing strategy. You will be able to keep a month of work in advance and be able to elaborate future publications with peace of mind. Plus, you’ll save time and have more productivity.

LinkedIn is an ideal platform to get your company off the ground in the business world. Follow these steps and watch your engagement grow steadily.



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