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Audience segmentation: How to reach the right audience?

Segmentación de la audiencia ¿Cómo llegar al publico correcto

A successful digital marketing campaign needs a proper audience segmentation. It is essential to identify your target audience so that your advertising can dramatically increase its conversion rate. Below, we explain everything you need to do in order to reach your appropriate niche of users.

What is the purpose of audience segmentation?

The purpose of segmenting users is to be able to focus your online advertising on a specific group of people. These niche users will have interests and behaviors that match your type of subject matter. By doing this type of organization, you allow your ad to reach a person who is much more likely to be interested and interact.

4 steps to identify your ideal audience

Sometimes, you may think you know your audience, but you haven’t asked the right questions to dig deeper. This is important when planning the success of your digital marketing campaign. Follow the steps below to properly research your right user niche.

Identify your audience

Segmentación de la audiencia ¿Cómo llegar al publico correcto

You have to conduct market research in order to find out what users want and meet their needs. One way to do this is by using surveys. They are free and your followers can respond with their opinions about your services or products.

Look at the competence

Analyzing your competitors has to be a prerequisite to launching your marketing strategy. It is essential to know what strategies other companies are applying. Take note of the keywords they use to position themselves on the Internet, their way of communicating with users and how they focus their landing page. In conclusion, look at how they develop their digital strategies and try to use them to your advantage.

Analyze statistics

Go to analytics and visualize what type of user participates in your business. This data will be relevant to configure the ads of your campaigns. These are the users who interact the most with your products or services, and based on them, you have to design your user niche.

Analyze your products or services

Once you have made sales of services or products, analyze which are the best sellers and the ones that have had the best reviews. Discard the services or products that have not performed well and incorporate new ones in their place.

5 ways of audience segmentation

Segmentation is an essential aspect of digital marketing campaigns. That’s why you should know what types exist and what particularities each one has. Here are the five most popular ones.

Demographic segmentation

This type of segmentation is focused on variables such as nationality, age, gender, marital status, etc. These are the most superficial elements of a person, but they are important when it comes to selling services or products.

Audience segmentation by origin

When users enter a website, they do so from a device. Online advertising can be targeted so that only those using a certain type of electronic device such as a tablet or smartphone can see your ads. This type of targeting also filters out users who have accessed the ad from a blog, a video, a search engine, and an email, among others.

Geographic segmentation

Segmentación de la audiencia ¿Cómo llegar al publico correcto

This type of targeting is one of the most classic and widely used. You can choose in which city, region, country or continent your ad will appear. It may seem unimportant, but there are services or products that make more sense to sell in specific areas of the world.

Audience segmentation by behavior

User behavior is one of the most important things when it comes to selling. Knowing the criteria they use to choose one product or another is important. Knowing if they are impulsive or not, or if they have a low or high frequency of purchase, can help your ad acquire more sales.

Segmentation by interests

Interests are the epicenter of targeting. All users have their own tastes and your ads can’t appeal to everyone. You have to filter your audience and choose those people who are in tune with your theme.

That’s why interest-based targeting is still one of the most widely used. You can choose all kinds of hobbies, interests, habits, etc. The more complete the user profile, the more targeted your ad will be, but it will also act on a group of people who are highly attuned to your advertising.

Audience targeting remains one of the pillars of digital marketing campaigns. It allows you to mold your ads to a specific group of people, increasing the conversion rate drastically. Follow the tips above and watch your campaigns achieve optimal results.



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