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Do you need high-quality articles to drive more traffic to your website? With our premium article writing service, you get SEO articles in more than 15 languages for different fields and industries, written by experienced article writers.
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No matter what your business is, we offer you high-quality content. Our article writing service will provide you with the result you expect from your project, saving you time and adding audience. We have many years of experience in writing articles and we provide you with a service that meets your needs and objectives.

Regardless of the market sector in which your business falls, we have a team of writers with a broad knowledge base. This means that we can cover all kinds of themes, registers and styles to fully blend in with your project.

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  • guest articles
  • Blog Post Articles
  • list items
  • industry articles

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what will i get

Content in more than 15 languages

In the digital world there are only the limits and borders that you choose to draw. One of the great advantages of the Internet is its global broadcast power. Anyone living in Japan or California can view your business without the need for you to relocate or set up a branch.

However, if your website is only available in one language, you will limit your audience to those who speak it, leaving out many potential clients

In this way, with the content writing in more than 15 languages, you will be able to expand your business to other countries, increase your traffic and multiply your sales. 

In addition, the translations are always carried out by native speakers, to ensure a quality writing with its own sense. 

Automated posting system

This operating model reduces workload, reducing the responsibilities of the client. With this service, you can request, in addition to writing, an insertion of the articles ordered directly on your website

This is very useful, since it frees you completely from this area of your business. You will not have to enter the articles manually yourself. So, you can dedicate yourself to other tasks that require your attention and just wait for the delivery date to be able to read the contents on your website.

Content packs tailored to your needs

Through a simple and comfortable platform, you can request the service that best suits your requirements. You can also make through this a tracking your orders, being able to see in which phase of the process they are. 

In addition, you have the possibility to choose editorials of a large number of articles, for those times when you need a larger volume of content. In this way, you avoid having to go through the application process one by one. However, if you just want to order one item, you can get it with the bulk order function. 

How we work?

Working with MyContent is very easy. Discover how we can help you with your idea in less time than you think.

tell us your idea

Tell us what you need and what you want to achieve with the writing of articles. From MyContent we will adjust to your objectives to offer you quality content that helps you achieve them.

Receive your proposal

A team of professionals will analyze your request and your needs. Once this is done, you will receive a proposal that fits to you, your business and your growth plans.

Start up

When you accept the team's proposal, we can start working on your project. From the first word to the delivery of the articles, everything will be done following your guidelines and requirements.

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Why is our method unique?

professional writers

Content writing professionals will write your articles achieving a impeccable finish. They will use all the necessary strategies and their knowledge on the subject to get the most out of the newsrooms. As for the translations, they are carried out Native people, fleeing from the transcriptions made through computer programs.

Extensive industry experience

Experience in providing content for websites means that we know adapt to all circumstances and that we fully understand your project. You will be able to delegate to MyContent without having to worry about rookie mistakes. Furthermore, thanks to all these years of work, we can guide you whenever you need it, clarifying possible doubts. 

All kinds of themes

We have a team of expert writers specialized in all topics. This provides content tailored to your audience and the market sector your business is targeting. Our writers know your industry, so they can approach it naturally.

Thousands of satisfied customers

The years of experience, the ease of use of our service and the professionalism of the team increase the number of satisfied customers daily with our content writing service.

Our quality guarantees

First class writing and proofreading

Through our expert writers, we offer a unique and excellent content. However, the process to obtain high-quality results does not end there. Once the writers finish writing, it goes to our concealers, who are also native speakers. Proofreaders verify that the content is grammatically and structurally correct. Depending on the quality you request, your content may also go through a third phase of quality control.

Expert writers on various topics and languages

To meet your needs with quality content, our writers are experts in a wide variety of topics and languages. If you choose to have content in multiple languages on your page, our writers will make sure the same message is translated. By having such a large group of writers at our disposal, we can choose which writer best suits your needs. content and audience needs.

plagiarism control system

The final part of our content creation is to pass the text through a plagiarism check. In this way, we make sure that there is no plagiarism or copy in any of the content we deliver. If the system picks up any copied content, it is sent back to the writer so they can correct it. This is how we verify that it only reaches you exclusive content.

Frequently asked questions about writing articles

What is SEO article writing?

SEO article writing produces articles that help websites to be more visible on major search engines. Familiar search engine optimization techniques are used such as placement of keywords. Web pages with high-quality content are more likely to appear first in search results.

How much does an article writing service cost?

Different article writing services have different prices. In MyContent the prices are established per word and the cost will depend on the language and quality level of your request. Our article writing prices start from €7.50.

What are the advantages of hiring an article writing service?

The main advantage of writing articles is the time saving that this system offers. You will be able to dedicate yourself to other areas of your business while a team of professionals carry out this task adjusting to your requirements.

In addition, as they are expert writers, the result will be of quality and will have all positioning tools. Finally, all the work done will be done for you and your business.

Tell us about your project

Tell us a little about your project, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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