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The importance of having valuable content on a website

Web content refers to texts, images, videos, audio, or programs found on the Internet. Through this content, any type of information can be transmitted and shared with the audience. It is the first thing visitors see when they access a web page. Therefore, it is important that it is quality web content that reflects the identity of the brand or business.

The content includes so many elements that it is convenient to divide it into different sections. For example, home page, product or service features, information about the company, blog, etc. This way, navigation is easier and more comfortable for the user.

Web content is a key element for SEO positioning, which allows attracting more visits, achieving a higher number of conversions, and gaining more potential customers. To achieve this goal, it is essential to have quality content that provides value to the audience.

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Know the types of web content

There are multiple types of web content: blog articles, newsletters, e-books, podcasts, guides, videos, etc. Adapting the type of content to the different digital platforms will make it more attractive and impactful for the audience. The most common types of web content are:

Blog articles

Blog articles allow you to share knowledge and provide value to the audience with relevant and interesting content. It is important to convey the information in an orderly and structured way, and to make an SEO-oriented writing to improve organic traffic.


A newsletter is a publication that periodically informs about relevant aspects of a business, service, or product. It reflects information such as the latest blog articles published, promotions, offers, etc. It is a tool that allows you to keep in touch with users who have subscribed to it.

Images and infographics

Visual content is very successful and generates a positive response from the audience. It is attractive, clarifies ideas and makes reading easier. In addition, it generates a greater number of reactions and interactions from readers. Infographics are widely shared on social networks. All this attracts more visits and improves positioning.


Videos are one of the best tools to connect with the audience. They allow you to transmit information in a dynamic and attractive way. It is also important to take into account SEO positioning in this type of content.


It refers to a section where the most common questions that the target audience has about: contracting doubts, services offered, promotions, etc. are shown. This section is very useful for users.

How to define a content strategy that delivers results

Identify the target audience

It is important to identify the target audience for whom you are writing. Questions such as what is your age, what are you interested in, or what are your problems, can help define your audience. This makes it easier to create content that provides value and connects with readers.

Create a content strategy

The first step is to identify the objective, or objectives, that you want to achieve. For example: gain visibility, increase sales, create a larger community, etc. The content must respond to the interests of the audience, but it must also be connected to the brand. It is advisable to combine formats and map content. That is, adjust the content to the moment in which the user finds it. For example: visiting a web page for the first time vs. subscribing to the newsletter.

Distribute content

Taking advantage of all available dissemination channels helps to make your content more visible and increase traffic. There are different options: publications on social networks, sending a guide or an e-book to subscribers, collaborations with other websites, campaigns, etc. It is also important to measure different variables to observe the results and draw conclusions.

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Features that should not be missing in web content writing

SEO title and meta-description

These are the elements that appear in search results. It is important that they include the keywords and that they are attractive so that the user wants to access the web content.


It is recommended that the information appears in an orderly and coherent manner. This helps to make reading more comfortable and enjoyable for readers, and helps search engines to value the content. It is advisable to use different elements: titles and subtitles, introduction, conclusion, etc.

Length and length of paragraphs

It is advisable to adjust the length to the subject matter of the web content. It is recommended that the minimum number of words is 1200. Longer texts provide more detailed information and are better valued by search engines. It is essential that paragraphs are neither too short nor too long.

Visual elements

The use of visual elements such as images and videos makes web content more attractive and interesting for the audience. This improves traffic and positioning.

Learn how to write quality web content

Plan the contents

It is convenient to plan contents that respond to users’ demands. It is necessary to determine the approach and the channels where the information will be published.

Timeless contents

It is important to focus on web contents that provide continuous value to readers. This type of information covers the needs and interests of the audience over time. However, even if the content is timeless, it is advisable to update it periodically.

Language adapted to the audience

Empathizing with the audience allows you to connect with them, to know what their needs are and what they expect to find. This helps to define in more detail what you want to transmit and how to do it.


Including links related to the web content offers a more enriching experience to the audience. It allows users to move in a complementary way from one text to another.


How can MyContent help you?

MyContent helps its clients create quality web content, which allows them to improve their organic traffic and gain more visibility. MyContent’s team of writers and reviewers generates content taking into account all the key elements related to information distribution and SEO positioning.

Frequently asked questions about website content writing services

What type of content do I choose?

There are different types of content to connect with the audience. Each of them has its own characteristics. You can choose the type of web content depending on the medium where it will be published or the objective you want to achieve.

Is it useful to have a content strategy?

A content strategy helps to steer the production process in one direction. In this way, it helps to clarify for whom you write, how you write, on what topics or subjects, where and how often to publish, etc. This strategy allows you to have well-defined objectives and improve your results.

Why do I need updated web content?

Updated content with relevant data and information of interest is more attractive to the audience and provides them with value. In addition, this type of content helps search engines to recognize a web page in order to place it in the results displayed. With MyContent’s copywriting service, you get updated web content to improve your website’s results.

Do you provide SEO optimized content?

Yes, our copywriters and proofreaders are specialized in SEO and use all the essential elements to improve positioning and organic traffic. In fact, hundreds of clients have relied on our web content to improve their results.

Is the content produced 100% unique and original?

Yes, once the content is written by the writer, we ensure its originality by using software that scans and compares it with what is already published on the Internet. This way, we make sure it is 100% unique.

What kind of content do you offer?

At MyContent we offer different types of web content: blog articles, product descriptions, press releases, etc. Consult us for more detailed information.

Can we help you create web content?

Tell us a little about your project, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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