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Discover the importance of SEO content

SEO content is developed with the objective of obtaining a good position in search engines. Any type of content such as blog articles, product descriptions, press releases, etc. can be targeted and optimized for SEO.

Search engines have a number of algorithms to understand how users behave and analyze their searches. In this way, they can display the most relevant results organized according to a ranking. At the top of the rankings are web pages that offer relevant and high-quality content.

It is of little use to have content that does not rank. Positioning is key to obtaining greater visibility, increasing organic traffic, and increasing the number of visits. Therefore, it is essential to have SEO content.

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Bringing value to the user through SEO content

Content is the way to establish engagement with users. In the past, the relationship established with consumers was reduced to a simple commercial transaction. Today, however, brands maintain an ongoing relationship through the content they offer to users. Potential customers value more highly brands with which they feel identified in terms of values and those that provide them with value through their content.

Users are continuously looking for information. Answering their questions with quality content is providing them with value and allows us to place ourselves in their minds and generate engagement.

What should be taken into account when creating SEO content?

Identify the target audience

The first step to offer content that provides value is to identify the target audience. In this way, it is easier to create content that responds to their interests, curiosities, concerns, etc.

Incorporate SEO requirements

When writing the content, it is essential to take into account all the requirements that allow a better positioning.

Publish on different platforms

To increase visibility and organic traffic, it is good to share SEO content on different platforms. To do this, it is important to adapt the type of content to each of them.

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How to write quality SEO content

Today, the Internet is full of information. Therefore, Google values and rewards websites that offer quality content. To achieve this, there are algorithms that have evolved over time with the aim of offering quality content to users.

The choice of keywords

Generally, the content is focused on a specific topic or keyword. The important thing is to analyze the search intention behind it, i.e., the intention of the user when actively searching for such content. If the content generated responds to that search, it will be content that provides value to the reader.

To carry out the choice of keywords, there are some tools such as Keyword Planner or Keywords Everywhere that offer data on the volume of each one of them.


There is an infinite amount of content published on the Internet related to a keyword or the same topic. Therefore, it is important to create a catchy title that attracts readers’ attention. This way, readers will be interested in accessing and reading the content.


Having a good structure and presenting the content in a coherent and organized way is essential for readers and search engines. Dividing information into sections makes it pleasant to read and improves the audience’s experience. In addition, it is easier for Google to identify the content and classify it. It is advisable to use elements such as H1, H2 or H3, avoid paragraphs that are too short or too long, use fonts that are easy to read and highlight the main ideas in bold.


Search engines penalize content that is not original. Therefore, it is essential to create content that, in addition to being optimized for search engines, is unique and creative. This aspect will also be highly valued by the target audience. It is important to thoroughly research the topic you want to publish and share new and useful information that will be of interest to the audience. One way to do this is to provide a different perspective on information that is already published.

To make sure that no part of the content coincides with something previously published, you can use different tools to detect plagiarism.


The length of the content may vary depending on the subject matter, but generally longer texts rank better because they provide additional information and a higher amount of data. It is recommended that the content has a minimum of 1200 words, as long as relevant information that provides value to the audience is provided at all times. Otherwise, it is preferable to adjust the length of the content to the subject matter.


Introducing internal and external links in the content offers users the opportunity to complete the information. In addition, internal links generate a higher number of visits and increase traffic.

How MyContent can help you

At MyContent we have been creating SEO content for our clients for years. Our team of copywriters are experts in creating all types of content, taking into account the requirements of search engines. As a result, our clients get optimized content to improve their search engine rankings, gaining more visibility, increasing their organic traffic and improving engagement with users.

Frequently asked questions about content writing services

Why is SEO content important?

Having quality content is essential to make a website visible. Metasearch engines scan published content and rank it according to a series of algorithms that are modified over time. Search engines value more highly the content that is compatible with these algorithms and offers relevant and useful information.

What elements must be taken into account to create SEO content?

In order to create content that ranks well in search engines, it is essential that it is keyword-oriented. In addition, the content must be 100% original, offer relevant information that provides value to the reader, include meta-description, images, links, etc.

What kind of SEO content do you offer?

MyContent’s team of copywriters has extensive experience in writing any kind of web content: blog articles, product descriptions, etc. What makes this content SEO-focused is the time they spend on understanding the keywords and the search intent behind them. After this analysis, they create content focused on the selected keywords.

Do you write a lot of SEO content quickly?

Our platform has a system to place as many orders as needed quickly and easily. After that, a team of copywriters produces the high-quality SEO content, which is then reviewed by a second team and delivered in a timely manner.

Do you write SEO content specialized in my industry?

We have a team of copywriters who have years of experience writing SEO content for different industries and niches. In addition, before writing the content, our writers take the time to conduct an in-depth study of the keywords, the search intent behind them, and other relevant elements related to the sector or industry of the order.

What elements do you use to create SEO content?

At MyContent we have tools that ensure that SEO requirements are met. These resources verify that the keywords are integrated the required number of times, that they also appear in the title and subtitles, etc. In addition, the team of reviewers ensures and verifies that all the requirements for the content to be SEO optimized have been met before it is delivered.

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