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Press releases

Hire a professional press release writer to tell your story.

A press release is a document, usually a single page, about some important news or information about your company. This type of writing is written with the purpose of being published in the media for free. 

The final objective of this communiqué is to be published in magazines, newspapers, radio, or television programs. In this way, your business will be able to reach a large percentage of the population and therefore future customers.

Press releases can be written about any aspect involving your company. However, it must have two requirements: be current, original, and of social interest. 

As long as the information you want to tell has these characteristics, it can be valid for a press release. 

Types of press releases

There are different types of press releases, and they differ both in content and in the objective that makes your company want to spread this information.

  • Informative note: this type of writing is the most common in newsrooms. Its purpose is to let society know some valuable content about your company. For example, the launching of a new product or service to the market, the opening of new branches in other cities, or the expansion into international trade.
  • Call note: this model is very interesting since it favors more prolonged participation in the media agendas. It is used to summon journalists to an event or press conference organized by your company. 
  • Congratulatory or condolence note: it brings your business closer to the population, connects you with social issues, and shows the human side of the brand. It serves to congratulate or sympathize with an event of great social impact.

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The importance of press releases

A press release writing service that attracts your business

To differentiate yourself

The appearance of a press release about your business in the media will help you stand out in your market sector. This is because this type of writing implies innovation as a main feature of your company. Look for something that differentiates you from the competition and let people know about it to leave your rivals behind.

To work on your corporate image

The corporate image is the set of ideas and beliefs that the general public has about your company. This concept is very important to be able to reach future clients, since, if your corporate image is good, your company will have a great capacity of growth. Press releases help to create a positive perception of your business, providing notoriety, distinction, and originality.

In addition, by letting people know about your firm through these releases, you will be able to spread a brand image. If the public does not know about your project, it is unfeasible to have a corporate image, since it is created by the people themselves. 

To act quickly

One of the key characteristics for an event to be disseminated through a press release is that it must be current. Current events are constantly changing and remaking themselves, even in a matter of hours. The news agendas of the media are renewed on a daily basis, discarding information that has lost its informative value. 

When marketing a new product or service, it is important to be effective and act quickly. By doing so, you will get recognition from the start, and you will be halfway to ensuring the item’s market promotion.

How can we help you?

Tell us your story

The beginnings of your company are part of your corporate identity, they say who you are and what your values are. Telling the story of your business strengthens your relationship with the public, brings a more human side and fosters empathy. Tell us what brought you here, and we will create quality copywriting that brings your target audience closer to you.

Identify the value of your company

Get your company to gain notoriety through press releases written by professionals. They will elaborate quality information that highlights the values of your brand. In this way, you will be able to differentiate yourself from your competitors. 

Provide your contact information

If a journalist receives your press release, he or she will most likely need contact information to get in touch with you. They may want to do a story and require further information, or they may want to record an interview, so they will need to know whom to call or what address to write to.

Contact us and learn how we can help you

What makes our method unique?

Professional writers

To prepare a press release, it is essential that the person in charge is an experienced professional in this field. They provide your corporate writing with the necessary characteristics to attract the attention of journalists and, consequently, to be published. 

Availability of formats

Each market sector and each company requires a format with which it identifies itself and which matches its image. Tell us your style, format and register preferences, and we will develop a text that fits your needs.

Industry experts

Contact a writer who knows your industry to write a professional press release that connects with your target audience.


Occasionally, your information may need to be ready in a matter of hours so that you don’t lose the chance of publication. In these situations, we can have your press release ready on the same day without any loss of informative or editorial quality.

What to expect from our editors?

A good press release has the right tone and follows specific formatting guidelines.

Our writers understand what makes your company look professional. Don’t settle for amateur work: work with a professional press release service that impresses and builds trust.

Outside work that looks like inside work

Our professional writers have decades of experience behind them and are experts – they learn about a company before creating content for it. As you read your press release, you’ll think it could have been written by a writer from your own company.

In addition, our custom order form allows you to provide important information about your story, the company’s background (including boilerplate) and whether you are including a quote or requesting one to be written. With all this data, the writer delivers an excellent product ready for publication.

Frequently asked questions about our press release writing service

To whom should the press release be sent?

Press releases are sent directly to the media in which you want them to be published. It is very important that this media acts as a spokesperson for the market sector in which you operate. It would not make sense to send a press release about the industrial sector to a magazine specialized in lifestyle. 

If you want to publish the press release in a general media, it is advisable to send the document to the journalist in charge of the section that corresponds to you. 

How long is a press release?

Press releases are usually only one page long, or in some cases, two pages. Longer press releases are usually rejected by the journalist, who will delete your message and move on to other information. 

When should press releases be sent?

You should send a press release when you really have something of value to tell your audience. Wait to send it when you are launching a new product or when your company is going through a good time.

Do you distribute press releases?

We don’t distribute press releases, but if you talk to the client’s success manager, he or she can recommend some great places to distribute it.

Tell us about your project

Tell us a little about your project, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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