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It is essential to offer content that contains accurate local information in order to generate trust. Otherwise, people living in the area will detect that the content is unreliable and will be suspicious. Our writers thoroughly research geographic locations to display accurate and relevant information.

Create local landing pages that increase traffic and conversions with our specialized SEO writers.

Local SEO: improve your visibility thanks to geographic localization

Local SEO refers to a set of optimization tools applied to improve the positioning of a business or brand when users perform searches with a specific geographic location.

The objective of this strategy is to appear in the results offered by Google when a person searches for information related to the activity of a business in a specific location. Local SEO is a resource designed for searches that integrate a geographic component.

For example, if our business is a pastry shop located in Zaragoza, we want our location to be displayed among the first results when users perform searches similar to “pastry shop around the area” or “where to buy cakes?”


Pages that have a good positioning include the location in the text, but also in the tags and title. Search engines value unique and 100% original content. MyContent local pages are completely original and provide unique local information.

High quality

Creating engaging content that makes an impact on users makes them spend more time on the website and increases repeat traffic. MyContent writers know the importance of generating interesting and quality content.

Get in touch and let's start building local pages that work together.

Why is it so important to invest in local SEO?

Google improves the user experience by showing them results of interest that are close to their location. When a person performs a search with a geographic location, appearing among the results is a great opportunity to stand out from the competition and connect with the user. This is possible thanks to the advantages of Local SEO.

Increases visibility in a region

Having a Local SEO strategy allows you to increase visibility, which is one of the main objectives within any digital marketing tactic. When local searches are performed, optimization allows positioning a company in a specific location, which increases its visibility by standing out among competitors.

These results are achieved through organic positioning, making it a simple and convenient way to gain potential customers.

Boost your brand’s local authority

The first results shown in search engines when a user carries out an active search are those that the consumer values most favorably. They have more credibility and trust in them. Therefore, it is essential to appear among the first positions. However, appearing at the top requires gaining the trust of both the public and the search engine.

When the search is conducted at the local level, appearing at the top of the ranking increases the brand’s authority within the region. This makes the brand stand out from the competition by ranking above them.

Attracts new customers

Local searches provide an avenue to discover and learn about businesses in specific locations. People who have never heard of your brand may discover it through this type of search. Therefore, local SEO is an opportunity to attract new potential customers and increase visibility.

Leads to action

People who perform local searches have a clear intention to get in touch with the company. Therefore, the first results that appear in the engines are key because they will be the options that the user will value. It is possible that the consumer will take actions such as viewing photos, reading reviews or contacting the business. Appearing at the top of the search results gives you a much better chance of being chosen!

According to a survey conducted by Think with Google, 76% of people who performed a local search visited the business within 24 hours and 28% of searches ended in a sale. Local SEO is a must!

What types of local landing pages do we write?

By country

Websites can achieve good positioning at national and international level. There are tools and strategies focused on development and optimization that allow growth and recognition in different countries, regardless of the language spoken in each region. In this way, expansion is more effective.

By cities

It refers to a local SEO strategy that allows positioning a website in a city. This tool allows you to improve your visibility when searches are made with that geographic location. For example, a restaurant in Málaga makes sense to have a high positioning in the local results of this city, but not in those of Madrid or Seville.

By neighborhood

In this case, Google prioritizes the results that are displayed by streets or neighborhoods in SEO. This strategy allows you to stand out from the competition in very specific geographic areas.

What makes the MyContent method unique?

At MyContent we have been using SEO strategies for years to improve the positioning and visibility of our clients. Our team is expert in developing local search optimization strategies. Increase your visibility, boost your brand authority and drive traffic to your website with MyContent's local SEO strategy.

Free revisions at no additional cost

Our customers make all the indications they need in their orders. After that, our team carefully analyzes the order and works to deliver a top quality result. If, after delivery, any corrections or changes are necessary, that's fine. They can be requested without any problem and without any additional cost, and the MyContent team gets down to work.

Experts in any subject

At MyContent we have years of experience developing content for our clients in different sectors and topics. In addition, with each order, the team carries out an exhaustive research to know the field in depth and offer the best results. We have extensive experience offering quality results for our clients to improve their positioning and visibility.

Grow at your own pace

Every business has its own pace of growth. At MyContent we are experts in helping hundreds of clients grow by adjusting to what each of them needs at any given moment.

Frequently asked questions about article writing

Why is Local SEO important?

Google strives to show the best results to users and, to do so, it takes into account the location where they are located or where they search. The strategy based on Local SEO allows you to show your business among the top positions in local search results. This helps to stand out from the competition, improve visibility and increase the number of potential customers.

Is local SEO strategy suitable for all businesses?

No, the businesses that benefit from the advantages of local SEO are those that have a physical location. In this regard, businesses such as bars, hotels, hairdressers, hospitals, cinemas, theaters, restaurants, etc. can enjoy the results of this strategy.


Does local SEO increase website traffic?

Yes, through local search results, users can access the website. This is a way to drive traffic to the website so that people can get information about the services or products offered.

How can Local SEO be improved?

The first step is to optimize the business listing on Google My Business using keywords, geolocate images including the location in the ATL description, use mentions about the business, etc. At MyContent we are experts in improving and boosting the local SEO of our clients.

Should the website be optimized for mobile devices?

Yes, to achieve good results, it is essential that the website is optimized for different devices. The vast majority of searches are performed from a mobile device, and also, if the search performed is local, the chances of the user contacting the site increase.

Can we help you create local pages?

Tell us a little about your project, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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