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Ghostwriting: content creation without sacrificing our time

In today's age, time is short and the clock is ticking, so ghostwriting has become a very useful and widespread activity in the digital world.

Most companies do not have the time to write the different types of texts they need for their web pages. Nowadays, having a website, whether your business is a bakery or a consultancy, is essential for your project to grow and succeed. 

Unfortunately, you don't have the necessary skills or simply don't have enough time in your schedule to write the texts you need. This is where the figure of the ghostwriter comes in — your lifesaver.

Ghostwriters are professional writers who are in charge of writing all kinds of essays according to the criteria you set for them. They do this by assigning to you, the client, the intellectual property rights in exchange for an agreed payment. Thus, once the work is finished, the ghostwriter receives the price agreed at the beginning, and you become the sole author of the writing.

In this way, the content generated by these professionals is commissioned and for the use of third parties, either on websites, magazines, or literary works. Within that content, they can write all kinds of content, depending on the professional and their areas of expertise. 

  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • Literary works
  • Autobiographies
  • Speeches
  • Scripts for audiovisual content
  • Product Descriptions for Affiliate Marketing
  • Press releases

This way, you will have to choose the ghostwriter that fits your content.

How does the ghostwriting service work?

When you have chosen your ghostwriter, the next step is to clarify what your needs are and what requirements the job should have. In most cases, the client provides the ghostwriter with a set of style guidelines to follow. This is important for the result to be as expected since the person in charge of your project must communicate and write in the same way as you would. In short, the ghostwriter becomes a version of yourself, who has the time and skills to get the job done.

Secondly, both of you must establish a legal and confidentiality agreement. This contract should cover, among other things, the delivery time, the length, the final price, the method of payment, the confidentiality clause, and the assignment of rights. These last two concepts are fundamental since they imply the ultimate purpose of ghostwriting: the writer will not be able to mention his/her relationship with your writing and all the rights of the document will be in your name.

The price

As soon as the work meets your requirements, you will have to provide the writer with the agreed fee. The price is influenced by several factors:

  • The length: this is one of the main elements when setting the amount. Depending on the number of pages, the cost will be higher or lower. However, in the case of large documents, a slightly lower special price is usually set. 
  • The research work: the effort and time invested by the ghostwriter in your project also influence the price. This translates into quality since it implies that the ghostwriter takes his/her work seriously, documenting himself/herself so that the result is perfect.

In short, the ghostwriting service is very useful to avoid having to put aside any of your projects due to lack of time. 

This type of work is in great demand nowadays, due to the boom of web pages. Therefore, it has been perfected and facilitated, so that you and other businessmen can forget about this part of your work, and you only have to wait for the delivery date to receive a job well done by the hands of a professional.

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Characteristics of ghostwriting: defining working conditions

Ability to adapt

One of the main characteristics of a ghostwriter is the ability to adapt to your ideas and objectives.

This type of content writer adapts to your deadlines and to the ideas you have in mind for your project. 

You only have to tell him/her what you want and how you want it and the professional will do it for you, saving you time and adding quality to the work. 

Above all, quality

A ghostwriter is a professional trained in content writing. He/she has the studies, tools and experience necessary to tackle all the challenges that may arise.

He/she will do the work you entrust him/her with as if you had written it with your own hands. The difference is that he/she has the time available to invest in your projects and knows what tools to use to attract your audience.

Guiding role

You may be very clear about what you want. However, the path to follow is something that may be out of your hands.

A ghostwriter has the ability to help you choose the best options so that you can reach your audience without any stumbling.

Copyright assignment

All of the above features go under the main maxim of a ghostwriter: what’s mine is yours. His/her name will not appear anywhere, and the copyright of the work will be completely owned by you. In addition, you will not be able to state your relationship with the project.

What characteristics define a ghostwriter?

Make your ideas and projects possible with a professional writer who has the skills and hours to make them reality.

Loyalty to your ideas

The ghostwriter in charge of your work will respect your guidelines and follow them to the letter. Delegate to a professional who can do the writing as you would do it if you had the time.


100% original content

From the first to the last word of the paper. The ghostwriter will deliver quality writing that will help you meet your goals and objectives. Documentation, your instructions, and professionalism will be his/her mantra.

Corrections are part of the service

The ghostwriter will deliver the completed work when all the agreed requirements have been met. If you consider that the writing does not follow the parameters set, the professional will have to make the necessary corrections.

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Advantages of ghostwriting: how the services of a ghostwriter can help you

Save time for other projects

The greatest benefit of ghostwriting is the time it saves you. Your time is money, your company has many more areas that require your attention. Therefore, do yourself a favor and delegate the content writing to a person who can dedicate the necessary hours so that the result is unbeatable. 

Fidelity to deadlines

The writer will have the project ready on the date you set. This way, you will be able to be clear about your schedule and not disrupt the rest of the tasks. A good organization is essential to have control over your company, not to lose clients and to create growth strategies.

By assigning this task to a ghostwriter, you will be sure that the work will be ready for the day you need it. On the other hand, if you try to do it yourself, you may end up postponing the date.

Your personal brand remains intact

The content written by the ghostwriter will not be out of your speech, but will be integrated into it. It will follow your style, your register and your informative ideals. From the outside, no one will notice that the writing was not written by you. This is a great advantage that this service offers over others in the same field. No name outside the company will appear on your page, confusing your audience and destroying the image of autonomy and homogeneity that you offer.

SEO positioning

In today’s world, it is not enough to write well, have impeccable grammar and excellent spelling. Nowadays, what rules and what prevails is SEO positioning. The ghostwriter will have all the necessary positioning tools to attract your target audience, increase the visits to your page and make the most of your business plan. In addition, a good positioning strategy creates confidence in the users towards your site.

The documentation you deserve

The background of an article, post or any other type of writing is just as important as what is on the surface. A good in-depth research, the search for expert sources and a rigorous documentation on the subject are unmistakable signs of quality and professionalism. 

The ghostwriter, unlike you, has the time to scrutinize in depth everything that concerns his/her task.

Accelerates the growth process

This service increases the volume of content on your site and its continuity over time. On the other hand, if you dedicate yourself to this task, it is likely that you will give preference to other issues of your business and the time between each article will be too long. This inevitably affects your content marketing and, therefore, your ability to grow. 

Frequently asked questions about ghostwriting

What content can a ghostwriter write?

Ghostwriting is a service applicable to all types of content. As with all other copywriters, there are ghostwriters who specialize in all styles, registers, and subjects. Whatever you are looking for, there will always be a ghostwriter who can do it. Among the services offered by these professionals are the following:

  • Posts for blogs of all topics
  • Product Descriptions for Affiliate Marketing
  • Press releases
  • Manuscripts
  • Scripts for podcasts, movies, series, or documentaries
Can I do whatever I want with the work?

Of course, once the ghostwriter has delivered the work to you, and you have paid him/her the agreed fee, all rights belong exclusively to you. From that moment on, the ghostwriter has nothing to do or say with the content produced, as it is yours alone.

What happens if I don’t like the final result?

We can talk about the final result if the client does not approve the work. The copywriting professional you choose will write the content following your guidelines. Once this is done, he/she must present it to you so that you can send him/her possible corrections, which he/she will have to make. Only when the work is the desired and contracted, the ghostwriter will receive the payment.  

How much does the ghostwriting service cost?

The rate depends on the experience of the professional you hire, the number of words requested, and the effort involved in the work.


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