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Discovering Copywriting

Copywriting refers to a style of persuasive writing that seeks to attract the attention of readers and direct them to perform some kind of specific action. This technique can be used in any type of content and stands out for its ability to generate action through the use of words.

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What exactly is Copywriting?

Copywriting is a way of transmitting information that has a very specific objective and intention. It is a writing technique focused on persuasion and arousing the reader’s interest. It seeks to generate an action in the user through the power of words.

Content writing must be differentiated from copywriting. In the first case, the intention is to provide knowledge and value to the audience to generate engagement and improve organic traffic. This can be achieved, for example, through the writing of blog articles.

However, the objective of copywriting is to get the audience to take a specific action. Through the use of attractive and persuasive words, the aim is to get the audience to subscribe to the newsletter, purchase a product or access a content. The techniques used through copywriting are what make readers take action.

The difference between the two types is very subtle, but each has very different objectives. However, both are very important and necessary.

Characteristics of a good copywriter

Copywriting is very important in relation to the tone of a brand. While the voice refers to the image and expectations that the brand generates in the user, the tone refers to the way in which the information is expressed and communicated. The tone adapts to the characteristics of the situation and the communication platforms. Therefore, a good copywriter must have good skills to adapt the tone of the brand to the demands of each situation.

  • Excellent writing in terms of grammar and spelling.
  • Knowledge of and ability to adapt to online types of copywriting
  • Knowledge of SEO
  • Understand and empathize with the target audience’s issues
  • Persuasion skills
  • Knowledge of psychology to understand how human beings function and respond
  • Teamwork skills

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Main types of copywriting

Direct responsive copywriting

This type of copywriting is one of the best known and is considered the origin, since it employs techniques used by the first advertisers. It seeks to generate an immediate response in the target audience, such as purchasing a product, requesting information or subscribing. It is found in the offline world and also in the online world, where it is known as web copywriting.

Creative copywriting

It is usually identified with advertising agencies. Among its objectives are to improve the positioning of a brand within the market, to make it a reference in the sector and to have a good reputation that is maintained over time.

SEO copywriting

This type of copywriting is the one that allows positioning these persuasive texts in search engines. In this way, the aim is to place this content among the first results.

Marketing copywriting

It is a type of writing that focuses on the consumer’s needs, connecting with their desires to offer them a solution. The main objective of this type of copywriting is conversion. Some examples of this type of techniques would be e-mail marketing and sales pages.

Technical copywriting

It refers to a high degree of specialization in a specific field or sector. The copywriter has deep knowledge that allows him to write for a very specific audience. A good connection with the target audience is achieved by speaking their language. It is common to find them in the health, technology, or telecommunications sectors.

Tips to achieve a good copywriting technique

Define the objectives

The first thing to do is to be clear about the objectives of each of the pages, categories, or sections of the website. There can be different purposes: ask for an appointment, make a phone call, request information, fill out a questionnaire, etc. It is important that each word used directs the audience towards that final objective.

Addressing the target audience

It is advisable to define and identify the target audience. In this way, it is easier to empathize and connect with them to understand their needs and show them how we can help them. One of the most helpful techniques to identify the audience is to describe in detail fictitious people who are part of it.

Use the right grammatical person

The most commonly used and appropriate grammatical person is the second-person singular. This is because the reader generally reads alone, so the use of plural forms would not make much sense because they do not connect in the same way with him/her, and he/she does not feel equally identified.

Use action verbs

It is important to incite the reader to act in the direction marked according to the objective. This is achieved through the use of verbs that imply action: analyze, know, identify, draw, search, elaborate, create, etc.

Highlight the benefits

It is important to show what the advantages and benefits of a product or service are in addition to talking about its features. When only the specifications are shown, many times the target audience does not understand what it means. There is a big difference between, for example, showing the details of an order or also providing the advantages of purchasing the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it profitable to have a copywriting technique?

Yes, copywriting has very specific objectives and seeks to generate actions in the audience. Through persuasion, this writing technique makes it possible to increase the number of readers who become subscribers, the number of sales, etc. If you want to improve the numbers obtained, it is essential to apply copywriting.

What characteristics are necessary to obtain quality copywriting?

The first step is to adequately define the target audience, since this is the only way to know their needs. Then, empathize with their concerns or problems to show how you can help them. Attractive and persuasive words are used, but it is important to maintain authenticity at all times to connect with potential customers and build trust.

Is copywriting compatible with SEO?

Absolutely. At MyContent we are experts in creating all types of content and optimizing it for search engine positioning. In this case, in addition to applying the specific techniques of copywriting, we apply the necessary requirements for the content to be compatible with SEO.

What kind of copywriting content do you offer?

At MyContent we have a team of copywriters who are experts in web content writing and copywriting. We have years of experience writing different types of content for our clients such as product descriptions, press releases, advertisements, e-mails, etc.

What makes MyContent’s services unique?

There are several elements that make our services unique, but the most important is the quality we offer to our clients. Thanks to the years of experience we have in the industry, we offer quality content to our clients, adjusting to their requests and meeting deadlines.

Do I get all the rights after the delivery of the order?

Yes, once the content has been delivered and the payment has been formalized, the intellectual rights of the content will be completely transferred.

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