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Editorial calendar

An editorial calendar is a tool whose purpose is to organize the content of a website and plan in advance all the necessary steps to achieve the content marketing strategy set.

It is a fundamental resource that we must have if we want to save time and give meaning to each post we upload to the blog. 

In addition, it is not only limited to the blog but can also include the different social networks you have. This way, you will be able to organize your long-term growth and understand what value each channel brings to your strategy. In this way, you will maintain a constant flow of content and save yourself from having to think against the clock on new topics.

On the other hand, the editorial calendar will help you create different content. This way, you won't be surprised when you discover similar posts.

In short, you will save time and gain in strategy. 

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Create an editorial calendar

The first steps

Be clear about your goals

Before you start creating content, you must be clear about the goals you want to achieve with your blog. Spend the necessary time on this point because if you set erroneous, or unrealistic objectives that do not match your page, the rest of the process will fall apart piece by piece. At this point you should define your buyer persona, that ideal user that you want to be part of your audience. In addition, we recommend that you set smart objectives: achievable, temporary and specific.

Set an annual agenda

Don’t worry, we don’t ask you to establish the content you will publish every day of the year. However, it is important that you mark the key months for your sector, as well as the most relevant days. This way, you will be able to take them into account in advance and the reader will realize that you care about your relationship.

Make a monthly plan

Although this point is the most annoying, it will also save you the most time and help you generate quality content.

Plan the number of articles you will generate per week. It is advisable to be realistic with this point, since, if you set a quantity above your possibilities, you will gradually reduce it. It is not about writing 15 articles a week, but about being consistent. If your budget and your time can only handle 2 posts a week, set that number in your monthly planning.

Once you have the number of articles, you must assign a topic to each one. To do this, you can help yourself with the annual agenda and review days and months that offer a theme.

When doing this, it is recommended that you include in each article the title, the keyword, the number of words and the date on which it should be published.





Create your weekly plan

Now it’s time to create the content you will publish weekly, as set out in your monthly plan. 

When doing this, it is important that you have backup articles, to avoid having to modify your editorial calendar at the last minute. 

Reasons to have it

Discover the many advantages of an editorial calendar to organize the content of your web page.

Advance content and protect yourself against unforeseen events

With an editorial calendar, you will have a clear idea of what you are going to publish each day. Therefore, you will be able to anticipate the creation of content. This way, if unforeseen events arise, you will already have the articles you need to publish. This will reduce stress considerably. 

Optimize your time

Thanks to this tool, you won't have to constantly worry about possible topics to fill your website with. This way, you will be able to invest that time in other important issues of your blog that normally had no place in your agenda.

Keep a steady pace

At the birth of a website, it is normal to have a lot of ideas. Inspiration usually blossoms at this time. However, over time there are often gaps and there are weeks when the mind goes blank. With an editorial calendar, you can keep the flow of content steady. 

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About our experience

Tips for designing a good editorial calendar

MyContent is formed by professionals from different branches of the digital world. All of them work together to create quality projects that satisfy our clients and meet their objectives. Although an editorial calendar may seem like a simple task that you could do yourself, the truth is that it is the pillar on which your content strategy is based.

Therefore, if it is done incorrectly, not only will it not save you time, but it will also take hours of extra time to correct the approach. Thus, it is crucial that this resource is developed by a professional in the industry, who knows which is the way to achieve your goals and what are the steps to take at each stage.  

This is why MyContent has a large network of professional experts in UX design, content marketing and behavioral economics. With all this, every day of the editorial calendar will be focused on your potential customers, their tastes, needs, and values.

  • We know the needs of your audience
  • We help you manage your time
  • We focus on your objectives at all times 
  • We develop your entire marketing strategy
  • We include your social networks and combine different formats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is editorial calendar the same as content strategy?

They are two terms that go hand in hand, but they are not the same. A content strategy is prior to the editorial design. The purpose of the latter is to be able to organize the strategy and plan it properly. However, if there is no content strategy, editorial design makes little sense.

Is it possible to create an editorial calendar for social networks?

Of course, an editorial calendar for social networks is a very useful tool and will help you, among other things, to know which publications generated the most reactions so that you can take them as an example and get to know your audience better.

Are there tools to create an editorial calendar?

There are tools for creating editorial calendar templates. In addition, some of them allow you to share the calendar with the rest of the team and make comments in real time.

What if I am not clear about my objectives?

It’s normal to get a little lost at this point. At MyContent we have professionals who can help you set real and achievable goals and, in the same way, can give you the keys to achieve them.

What does an editorial calendar include?

The editorial calendar includes all scheduled and published articles, as well as all other content, such as YouTube videos, tweets, or Instagram posts. Thanks to this, all the channels of your project will be interrelated and complement each other.

Can we help you with article writing?

Tell us a little about your project, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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