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Creative Briefings

Creative Briefings

A creative briefing is a brief document where the details of a project are specified, such as the target audience, the competition, or the message to be conveyed. In this way, the person in charge of carrying out the project will have the necessary information to be able to do it. 

This document is flexible and will have the fields that the developer considers. Besides, it also depends on the project to which it is addressed, whether it is a logo, a web page, or an advertising campaign, for example. 

However, there are data that every good creative briefing must include to ensure that the project meets the client's requirements. These are:

  • The target audience: this will be the one that will mark the rest of the elements that make up the project. Within the target audience, it is important to establish their age, location, the language they speak, what their interests are, and what their priorities are when it comes to consumption.
  • The project objective: this must be achievable, concrete, realistic, measurable, and have a fixed period of time to achieve it.
  • The promise: the value that the product will bring to the customer. This promise must be justified.
  • Information about the company: what is the sector in which it operates, its values, and its products or services.

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Create a creative brief 

The first steps

Business description

First of all, it is important to make it clear who the client is. At this point, you will have to summarize the brand’s trajectory, what it has done since its birth and where it is now. It is also essential to specify the firm’s values, in order to create a project that coincides with them and supports them. Likewise, the brand’s competitors must be discussed. 

Goals to be achieved with the project

Here, you will have to clarify the objective that the client intends to achieve with the final project. It may be to reach new customers, reposition the brand or achieve more conversions. In addition, the strategy to be followed to achieve this goal must also be specified.

The tone

For the identity of any brand, it is essential that all its contents contain the values that its target has associated with the firm. In this way, there must be a consonance between the project and the firm’s character. This point is closely related to the first one. We must know the brand, its principles and history, in order to set the tone and register of the project.

The delivery deadline

This point is to ensure that everyone involved in the project is aware of the deadline and avoids delays in the delivery of the order. It is crucial to establish a realistic deadline with the client, taking into account the number of people involved in the project and their availability.


Detailing the cost of the project can condition the professionals involved in its elaboration. In this way, they will see the investment made and will carry out the work accordingly.

What is creative briefing for?

Discover the benefits you can get from creating a creative brief

Achieving the objectives set

This point is related to the previous one. Thanks to the fact that the work team has all the relevant information, it will be able to carry out a project in line with your objectives, achieving them effectively.

Clarifies ideas

All the information provided by the briefing about the client, the value of the project, the target audience and the goals to be achieved help the team members to be clear about what they have to do and how they have to do it.

Reduces possible corrections

A creative brief will help you save time in continuous corrections. The professional or the team in charge is clear about what you want, so it will reduce possible modifications.

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The importance of a creative briefing

How a good creative brief can make a difference

Success or failure?

Creative briefing is of utmost importance when it comes to whether a project fails or succeeds. This is because this document contains all the information on which the project will be based. Thus, it will serve as a guide for the professionals in charge, who will base all their work on the points indicated in the briefing. 

Clear the way to your target audience

This is why defining the project’s target is a point that must be included in the briefing. Each type of client has different tastes, needs, and preferences. With a creative brief, each member of the team will have a clear idea of who they are addressing, so the creation process will be done by and for your target audience. This greatly increases the chances of success. 

Define the competencies of each team member

With this document, professionals will be able to understand their role within the project and the connection that their tasks have with the rest, creating a global vision in which they will find their niche.

Optimizing a creative brief

How MyContent can help you

At MyContent we have a team of copywriters specialized in each market sector. Therefore, we can respond to your needs and requirements, helping you to achieve your objectives with briefings that define the identity of your brand and the characteristics that make your project special.

In this way, we optimize each briefing to meet your requirements. This is what we do:

  • Distributing the work among the most suitable professionals for its realization.
  • Elaborating unique briefings for each client and each project.
  • Visualizing the objective of the work in each phase

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a creative brief be modified?

Of course, it is a flexible document. The client’s needs may change as the project evolves. Likewise, new strategies may be discovered during the creative process. All this should be reflected in the briefing, making the necessary modifications.

What information do I have to provide in order to prepare a creative brief?

The client is asked a series of questions so that the person in charge of the briefing has all the necessary information. It is important to clarify the current situation of the company, the objective to be achieved, the benefits offered by the brand, the target audience, the problem to be solved in its relationship with the brand and how the brand is positioned in relation to the competition.

How many types of briefing are there?

In addition to the creative briefing, there is the advertising briefing, the marketing briefing and the business briefing. All of them have the same function: to clarify all the information related to the project. Since they belong to different fields, they are distinguished by the data required in each one. 

How can the success of a project be measured?

There are different ways to evaluate the success of a project. Among them are the KPIs, or quality indicators. These are a series of metrics used to check the results of a strategy and see which decisions have been most effective.

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