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Planning with a focus on user needs

content strategy

A content strategy is a digital marketing tool dedicated to plan, develop and distribute the content of a website with the objective of satisfying the informational needs of the user, in order to later be able to measure the results of this.

When checking the success or failure of this strategy, its contribution in conversions, the profitability of the strategy at an economic level, the traffic that it has managed to generate or the positioning of the website.

A good content strategy provides multiple advantages:

  • Difference to the brand of the competition, increasing the notoriety
  • sales increase
  • Increased website traffic
  • Position the brand in search engines

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Because it is important?

The importance of a good content strategy

A good content strategy has become essential for the growth of a website. This is due to the multiple advantages of applying this practice. 

gain notoriety

With a content strategy, you will offer the user the answers to your questions and the right solutions to your needs. This increases confidence of consumers in the brand, deciding to follow your advice and making conversions. The result is the positioning of the brand as authority in the sector. 

You increase sales

This point is related to the previous one. A content strategy will make users trust your products and services, since they think of the brand as a authority figure. From this position, you can educate clients on everything related to your sector, making them learn how to choose the products correctly.

You save time and money 

The content strategy is part of the inbound marketing. This term refers to a set of techniques that allow the client to find you and not the other way around. In this way, the content strategy consumes less time than other practices with the same purpose. By achieving such good results, you will have to use fewer resources to achieve your goals.

Better brand positioning

A content strategy implies the distribution of messages directed to your clients in a frequent and constant way. If this content is useful, it will be shared in other media, improving the PageRank of the website. 

Makes the customer empathize with the brand

This type of strategy allows strengthen the relationship with your audience, always being that he needs you. The website ceases to be a seller and goes on to become a counselor and adviser

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Contact us to find out how to find a professional copywriter that suits the needs of your company. Together, we'll come up with questions to ask the writer to make sure their skills match the content requirements you're asking for.

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Find the perfect content strategy for your website and develop it hand in hand with professional editors who know how to reach your audience and how to improve the positioning of your website.

receive advice

If you don't know where to start, contact us so we can recommend writers that fit you, your needs and your market. 

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From MyContent we will guide you through the process to teach you what you should know about copywriting. In this way, you will have the necessary knowledge to understand each part of the process. 

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How to develop a content strategy

Mini-guide of the most important steps to create a good content strategy

Define the audience you want to target

All content strategy and all market practice must go directed to the client from its birth. After all, the goal is to reach him, so we must understand his needs, tastes and preferences. Therefore, you must establish your buyer persona and determine the tone with which you are going to address him, the media in which he is informed or the topics that interest him the most.

Determine the goals you want to achieve

As always, in order to measure the final results, it is essential to establish the objectives that we intend to achieve. In this way, at the end of the strategy you will be able to see the failed and achieved objectives and make the necessary changes.

Create a content calendar

Distribute content based on habits of your potential customers and your resources and possibilities. You will also have to establish the means in which you will distribute each content, taking into account the public that usually browses each channel and the benefits of each one.

Analyze the results

It's time to check validity of the content strategy. To do this, you will have to:

  • Review the investment that has been made and its profitability.
  • measure engagement,
  • Analyze the positioning
  • Measure your website traffic

Our experience

How we can help you from MyContent

At MyContent we have digital marketing experts They will know how to guide you and give you the necessary steps to achieve your goals through a quality content strategy. In turn, a team of professional writers specialized in your sector They will elaborate all the content marked in the strategy.

Frequent questions

What are some ways to find freelance copywriters for my business?

We offer several ways for this. You can search our list of writers based on experience and ability. Or, you can invite qualified writers to message you with a personalized pitch and samples of their work.

What services can my writer provide?

Any of our copywriters can handle writing most types of marketing copy, including copy for websites, landing pages, emails, ads, and more.

How to define my Buyer Persona?

To define and establish your Buyer Persona, you must understand how they need you, what products or services of your business provide a solution to this need, what is their age, their professional profile, their country of residence and what are their reference channels. .

Is a content strategy and a content marketing strategy the same thing?

No, the purpose of content marketing strategy is to find the reasons for choosing a specific content creation and distribution plan. Instead, the content strategy focuses on how the plan will be carried out. 


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