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website architecture

Web architecture is the structuring a website. This is responsible for prioritizing all the pages and content that make up the website. In this way, this discipline links each of the parts that the web encompasses, giving them a sense and an order of importance. It does this based on the needs of the users, making them find what they are looking for in a simple and fast way. 

If this were not the case, users would flee the web quickly, something that will affect the site positioning

In this way, the web architecture serves to: 

  • Rank and organize the different pages that a website includes
  • Facilitate the search for the user of what the web can provide
  • achieve a optimal PageRank 

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Types of web architecture

A structure for each website

Vertical web architecture

In this type of web architecture, the main page or 'home' is far away from the last page, which is the page the user wants to get to. That is to say, there is a hierarchy between the pages, which are arranged according to their value.

The distance between both pages is measured in clicks, so the Internet user will have to click several times until they reach the site they want. In short, this type of structure has many depth levels, making it more inaccessible to the public. Each depth level corresponds to a landing page, which, in turn, contains some Links to go to the next level

Landscape web architecture

In this modality, the user will only need one or two clicks to reach the page they need. In horizontal web architecture there is no hierarchy between the pages that make up the website. It is very common in blogs that include several themes, which are organized into categories that are accessed from the blog itself. home

Due to the shallowness of the site, for the user it is very easy to navigate in pages with this structure. This is very beneficial for the crawling from the website, allowing Google search engine spiders to correctly index the page.

The importance of web architecture

First, the web architecture makes the search engine bots can easily access to all pages of a website. This directly affects the positioning of the site and, therefore, the reach of the web. Definitely, a good web architecture will make your site rank among the first results of Google.

In addition, the web architecture also affects the user experience, facilitating your searches and making you feel comfortable and located at all times. 

Its effect on positioning

Discover how it affects web architecture

Facilitates indexing of website pages

search engine bots crawl the different websites, adding to the Google index all the pages they find. The web architecture facilitates the work of spiders or bots, achieving a better position.

Increases dwell time

The pages of the website will be accessible to the user, making it easy to find what you are looking for and not leave the site. This is very beneficial, since Google takes into account the time spent on a site when positioning it.

Decreases bounce rates

Bounce rate is closely related to dwell time. Web architecture, by allowing users to easily find what they want, reduces the bounce rate, which is why Google will reward the website.

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Web architecture features

Web architecture VS web design

Web architecture and web design are two different terms, although they are very closely related. The link between these two concepts is essential for a good user experience.. The web architecture will be the one that lays the foundations of the house, choosing its distribution and its structure. As for the web design, this will be in charge of painting the walls, laying the floor and the rest of the aesthetic tasks. 

In this way, the web architecture will determine the type of pages that will be on the site and the web design will decide certain issues such as the color, typography or graphic elements of the web.

Its final effect on positioning

As we have seen, the effect of web architecture on positioning is direct. A well-organized web page will make the user feel satisfied, so they will not leave the site and what is better: they will return. In addition, just as it is easy for users to navigate the page and find what they are looking for, it will also be easy for Google bots, which they will be able to index all the pages of the site in the Google index.

How to design it

How to approach the task of starting a web architecture

study in depth

To correctly carry out a web architecture it is very important to study your target audience and market sector to which you are going ask yourself who are you buyer person, how are your competitors, where they are weak and where they are strong.

Keyword Research

This information will allow you include the keywords that interest your public in the landing page from the website. In addition, you will be able to structure all the content of the site based on these search terms. 

Website Division

Depending on the public you are addressing and the market in which you operate, you should choose a type of horizontal web structure or a vertical type. In addition, you will have to pay special attention to the different levels of depth, to the hierarchization of the content according to its importance and to the CTAs.

Frequent questions

Is a vertical or horizontal structure better?

A horizontal structure helps share the authority of the homepage with the rest of the pages that links and favors the indexing of the different urls by search engines. However, it depends the type of web and how it fits every structure to it. Of course, the fewer levels of depth there are, the better.

What is SEO architecture?

SEO architecture is a tool that allows Google to understand the theme in which a website moves. This is achieved through the keywords, causing them to be repeated throughout the entire web.

What is the sitemap?

As its name suggests, a sitemap is a map of a website. This shows the way for search engine bots, increasing the probability that all the pages of the site will be indexed.

How many levels deep does a website have to be?

Ideally, the user does not have to click more than three times to access the final page. However, this is sometimes very complicated in certain types of pages, such as those of eccommerce. In this type of case, one should enter shortcuts.

Can you change the web architecture of a site?

Yes, but the professional in charge of developing the new web architecture will have to take into account certain aspects so that the change do not affect positioning. As long as it's done by a professional, it's possible.

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