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What is the most recommended content for Instagram?

Instagram is one of the strongest social networks today. Currently, more than 20 million accounts in Spain are active on this social network. In global terms, the figure rises to 500 million. Gastronomic, fitness, fashion, culture, investment, or video game accounts. The Facebook social network has room for all types of content. The statistics speak for themselves: 95 million photos and videos are shared daily on Instagram. It is not surprising, given these numbers, that all brands have jumped into the pool and want to create content for Instagram. The platform is ideal for all those companies that want to grow and reach their target audience directly.

All kinds of audiences are present on the platform, from young athletes to retirees with a newfound love of painting. This is a huge plus for any company. However, it can also be seen as a huge challenge. In 2016, 48.8% of brands were using Instagram to promote themselves, a figure that has risen considerably in recent years. As you may know, everything is already invented. Thus, not just any content will do. If you want to succeed on Instagram and diversify your business, read on.

Creating content for Instagram: what works best?


In content marketing, the important thing is to generate and share content that brings value to your audience. A tutorial is a great way to achieve this. Through this format, your audience will be able to learn about something while being entertained at the same time. Entertainment and information, a powerful mix that will make you stand out.

Think of something you can teach users, from an original recipe to the making of a garment. You can do this through a well-crafted video or an eye-catching photograph accompanied by text. Look for something your company can excel at and analyze the interests of your target audience to find the right content.


Lifestyle content makes your audience connect with your company. Instead of posting a photo or video of your product, upload a post with a scene from everyday life that shows what you want to sell. It is important to make a previous study to know the tastes, hobbies, and aspirations of your audience.

If, for example, you sell sneakers and after several analyses you find out that your audience is adventurous and likes to travel, it would be a good idea to upload a post of someone seeing the world with your sneakers on. In this way, your audience will understand that your brand will help them reach the lifestyle they want to achieve and that your products will be perfectly adapted to their expectations.

Create content for Instagram with User-Generated Content

UGC or user-generated content is the type of publication that has been created and shared by the users themselves. The main benefit of this type of content is that it does not involve any investment on the part of the company. It is not a campaign and there is no remuneration involved. The user shares this content completely voluntarily.

Beyond the economic aspect, User-Generated Content generates trust in the audience. Think that your audience sees the company for what it is: an organization that seeks a profit and that, to achieve it, needs them to buy. Thus, they do not see the company as an equal, since they understand that there is a certain convenience in your relationship with them. However, the visualization of your firm’s product through a flesh-and-blood person similar to him makes him connect to a greater extent.

We can see this not only on Instagram. In any customer journey, you can see the need to validate a company through a likeness. This can be done from reviews or opinions in forums, from the experiences of acquaintances or from UGC. In addition, user-generated content also serves to build customer loyalty, creating an emotional connection between the two and making them humanize your brand and make them feel close to it.

Idol content

Absolutely everyone has idols, people they admire and would like to be like in some specific way. Depending on your industry and your target audience, your audience’s idols could be athletes, actors, scientists, chefs, musicians and an endless number of other professions.

Generating idol content is very valuable, as it produces more interaction from users. As with lifestyle content, by sharing photos or videos with your audience’s idols, they will see the company as a partner in their aspirations, tastes, and ideals. In addition, they will share the content, as it features the person they admire so much. Sports brands, such as Adidas or Nike, use a lot of idol content, including athletes from all walks of life in their Instagram feed.


As we have said before, people are not only looking for entertainment on Instagram, but they also want to find knowledge. Valuable information that they can apply in their daily lives, tips, ideas: all this type of content triumphs on the platform. Inspirational videos about practices they can apply in their routine to improve their quality of life.

A clothing brand can give tips on how to organize the closet efficiently, and a business account can choose to teach its followers certain practices to save more money per month. In this way, you bring value to people, who will see your company not as a money-seeking entity, but as a community that offers resources and cares about their well-being.


It is not advisable to focus your Instagram account on the products or services you offer because you will look like a commercial that sneaks into the break while viewers enjoy a series. However, there are many brands that, fleeing from this image, fall into never posting content about their offerings in the market.

The ideal is to create a balance between valuable content with an altruistic spirit and exclusively commercial content. Make an agenda with the publication schedule, in which you write down the amount of product content you produce, to avoid overdoing it. Depending on your presence on the social network, you will have to establish one number or another. Is it a special day for your users? Post a photo or video of your product that is related to this celebration. This way, you will create a solid and strong bond and your audience will see you committed to their cause.

Solidarity works

Society’s habit of not talking about one’s virtues or positive actions makes many companies shy away from telling about their collaboration with non-profit social activities. Think that your participation in such work can help the cause itself, causing those who see you as an authority to follow your example.

Besides, as others have already said, ‘words are carried away by the wind’. If your followers do not see evidence and hard facts of your humane and compassionate character, they will begin to believe that your discourse is based on demagoguery and expediency.

Behind the scenes, one of the best ways to create content for Instagram.

Who works for the brand, what is the day-to-day business like, from where does the business create products?

All companies seek to build customer loyalty and generate engagement, but not all of them make themselves known. If you want to achieve a solid relationship with your users, you must decide to show yourself. Is it possible to establish a bond with someone without knowing their first and last names? Think about celebrities: what attracts fans most is not what they do, but their stories, their close people, their personality and, most importantly, their identity.

You should not show your firm as an empty name and logo, but as a community of people. To do this, publish content about the day-to-day life of the company, such as morning meetings. It is also very powerful to show the different workers, from managers to the last employee in the pyramid, so that users can put a face to them. Carrefour is one of the companies that most bet on this type of content. Finally, you can take a tour through the corridors of the company, showing the break room or the meeting room.

Motivational phrases

Most people tend to share the same problems. Nowadays, we all lead similar lives, with similar work schedules and similar worries. Motivational phrases have been a boom on Instagram for some years now. With this content, a lot of interaction is achieved, being able to get new followers. The great benefit of motivational phrases is that they do not require much time, since it is a very simple and easy content.

Instagram contenido para empresas

Beyond creating content for Instagram: tips for a successful business account.

Create a presentation

Do you want to create content for Instagram? You should know that your account name and description are your introduction. If they are not eye-catching, you will not be inviting users to stay and get to know you. To create a good bio on Instagram, the first thing you should do is use a username that matches your company name. This way, when users search for you, they will find you easily. In case the username is already taken, look to add a tagline that describes what you do.

On the other hand, you need to add a link that directs users to your website, to pave the way and make it as easy as possible for them. A very useful tip is to put a unique link for Instagram. This way, you can check how many users have landed on your website through this channel and change certain things to improve the numbers or toast for what has been achieved. Accompany the link with a call to action, a phrase, preferably with emojis, that invites visitors to click on the link. To write good copy in a CTA, it is important to include the verb that implies the action and put it in the imperative. In addition, the sentence should be clear and not include too many adverbs.

Use highlights

Highlights or featured stories exponentially increase conversions. They have many benefits. Firstly, the content of the stories, which can be very valuable, does not die after 24 hours. On the other hand, they help to tell long stories that would otherwise become very heavy on this social network. Finally, they help to create a tidy profile that is pleasing to the eye. When the user wants to consume a particular content, they can have it at hand by clicking on the highlighted stories. Therefore, we advise you to include an emoji or word that describes the content of the highlights.


At the end of the day, talking about creating content for Instagram means talking about photos, the rest are mere complements. The protagonists of this social network are the photos. Therefore, it is important that you take care of the image you are offering to the public with your account. Do not be obsessed with uploading a high number of photos a week if you are not going to have the time to dedicate to it. The photos must be of quality and have a meaning. In addition, each one of them must be faithful to your identity, being small pieces of a puzzle that finally shows who your firm is. To do this, use the ideals with which the company is defined and the corporate colors. Regarding the latter, it is crucial that the colors of the photos have a certain relationship.


Videos of up to 60 seconds can be uploaded on Instagram. The videos are very attractive and are played automatically, which increases the number of views.

To upload videos to Instagram, the first thing you should do is define the goal you want to achieve with such content. This can range from increasing traffic to your website to improving your notoriety in the industry. Once this is done, choose the type of video that best suits your goals, whether it’s entertainment, tutorial, educational or FAQ. The important thing is that the video follows the canons set out in the company’s style guide, and that it is able to attract the reader’s attention in those 60 seconds.

In short, Instagram provides multiple resources for all users to find their niche on the platform. You know what that means, if all people are optimal users for this social network, all companies should be too. Therefore, exploit your creativity and make your profile a place where the brand image is reflected in all its splendor.



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