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What is a content marketing strategy?

Content marketing is the strategy oriented to create and publish valuable information for your target audience, in order to attract potential customers in a natural and non-intrusive way. These contents are distributed in different digital media, such as web pages or platforms like YouTube. The main characteristic that these must have is that they must necessarily be relevant to the target audience. In this way, you create value in them and get them to project a positive vision of your company. The direct result is the growth of leads. But, let’s go step by step, what is a lead?

The importance of leads in content marketing

Everything you do as a company is aimed at increasing the number of customers. Whether it is the design of the products you offer, the characteristics of the services you provide or the price you set for any of them. To be able to do all this, you will have to know their interests, budgets, ideas, and needs. Only in this way, you will be able to attract new leads.

A lead is a potential customer who shows interest in consuming one of your products or services. Thus, if your ideal customer leaves his or her data to subscribe to your program or receive a discount coupon, he or she will directly become a lead. To get a lead, first of all, you will have to attract your target audience. Thus, a stranger will be attracted to your company, which will make them end up on your page, becoming a visitor. If they are sufficiently attracted to your business, they will leave their details, and you will have a lead. Similarly, if you create effective sales strategies, the lead will become a customer. Interesting, isn’t it?

Now you may be wondering what you can do to get leads, but you can already guess the answer: use content marketing. Although, this is too generic, so let’s start with the basics: the top of funnel.

Funnel stopper

The conversion funnel has different parts, called: TOFU, MOFU and BOFU. Although they may seem like the names of three children’s cartoon characters, they are three concepts that you must engrave in your mind because of their importance in content marketing.

  • TOFU: this stands for Top of the funnel, which refers to the top of the funnel. In this phase, you will have to create a lot of content to attract the largest possible audience. At this stage is when the first contact between your company and users takes place. That is, if they stop being strangers and become visitors. The main objective to pursue at this point is the creation of needs previously unknown to the user. Needs that, obviously, your products or services will be able to satisfy. In short, you will educate your potential customers, telling them what they want and desire. Therefore, the content at this stage should solve their questions. Don’t mention your company, don’t offer your services, just be helpful and focus on the customer. Before you talk, you must listen.
  • MOFU: in the Middle of the funnel phase, users already know what they need, since you have let them know. Thus, they slide down the funnel without any impediment. This is the part that interests you the most, since you will have to be able to show users that you are the answer to their questions. As you can imagine, it is at this precise moment when visitors become leads. Here the content should not be as easy to access as in the first phase, but something deeper. Among the formats you can offer at this stage are templates, tools or whitepapers. In other words, practical content that will help your visitor. To acquire them, they will have to enter their data, so you will have created leads.
  • BOFU: the big brother is the most selective. It is the narrowest part of the funnel. Along the way, future customers have been left behind as visitors or leads. However, the few that arrive here will be your potential customers, as long as you know how to close the sales cycle. At this point, the content you offer must finish convincing them, so you will have to create personalized content, such as downloadable PDFs, success stories or free courses.

Now you are clear about the concepts of lead and conversion funnel. You know how important each one is and how it directly affects your company’s growth. However, you may still not understand how to successfully carry out the whole process and how to create a good content marketing strategy.

The key elements of a content marketing strategy

There are multiple content marketing strategies. However, to be successful, they must be based on some fundamental elements.

Brand identity

Defining your brand identity is the first step you must take to create a good strategy. This element underpins the rest, so it must be stable. When creating the image you will project to your audience, you will have to establish a series of elements.

First of all, you will have to create some visual characteristics that define you and that the public associates with your firm. These include colors, logo, typography, and style. All of these must be consistent throughout the entire process. You will have to dedicate some time to each of these parts, do not take them lightly. They all convey an image about your business, so if you don’t want to appear to be something you are not, take this point seriously.

Secondly, you must tell your story. This is very important when seeking emotional feedback from your audience. Tell what got you here, the road you had to travel, and what you want to offer. It is in this part that you should create a value proposition.

Business status

Think about where you are and where you want to get to. If you are not clear about your goal, it will be difficult to reach it. In order to achieve your goals, you must know where they are. From there, you can create a path that will lead you to them. Within the definition of this path, you must specify what resources you will need. No mountaineer sets out on an adventure without preparing a good backpack to help him reach the summit.

Develops content objectives

Once you’re clear on who you are and where you’re headed, it’s time to set content goals that will drive you forward. Develop smart content marketing goals. That is, don’t set a huge, unattainable goal. Start one step at a time, challenging yourself, but not flying too high. These goals should be in line with your marketing strategy and have a set duration. By doing it this way, you will be able to measure your results and change certain details that you set in the beginning, but that are not helping you in your content marketing strategy.

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