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Tips for Designing A+ Pages for Amazon

Amazon A+

Amazon is the reference e-commerce platform. Online shopping is the mantra of the new generations. Almost 70% of Spaniards prefer to make their purchases online, from the comfort of their home or while waiting for their metro stop to go to work. Within online shopping, the platforms are divided between Marketplace and E-commerce.

The difference between the two is that the Marketplace is a space in which different providers sell their products. On the other hand, E-commerce platforms only make quality products available to the buyer. a single brand or company, see as an example the web pages of Adidas, Zara or Mango.

Within the Marketplace, Amazon is currently the king. The platform has more than 145 million active mobile users. The one that started selling books from Seattle, now reaches all parts of the planet in the form of toys, laptops, clothing or video games.

What is Amazon A+ content?

The content A + or Enhanced Brand Content is one that allows a series of selected sellers include audiovisual content on product pages and text locations in the description field.

Design A+ pages increases conversion rates and allows you to stand out from the competition, acquiring a better ranking in the platform's search engine. According to Amazon, this type of premium content improves sales between 3 and 10%. It is not surprising, considering that multi-format content rules today.

However, not everyone can access this type of content. Only vendors approved by the vendor can incorporate A+ content. Amazon Brand Registry, as well as the participants of the sales programs managed by the platform. On the other hand, sellers of products such as videos or digital books cannot access this category.

How much does Amazon A+ content cost?

Enhanced Branded Content do not have any additional cost for sellers or suppliers. However, there is the possibility of accessing premium content, which is not free.

First of all, the platform offers sellers and suppliers self-service modules that allows them to freely choose the layout and design of the page. In this way, you will be able to create a personalized ad. The cost is 400 dollars.

On the other hand, the Marketplace platform offers its sellers the service Amazon Builds, with which you can completely stop worrying. The only thing you will have to do is send the content and images to Amazon and the company will create the most appropriate design for your product. It has a price of 1500 dollars.

As you can see, the self-service modules are the best option for experienced sellers They know how to make their products attractive to unseat the competition. On the other hand, for those who are starting out in the sector, the most recommended option is Amazon Builds.

Advantages of designing Amazon A+ pages

Designing A+ pages increases sales

The A+ content provides a solution to superficial information and insufficient of Amazon products. Perhaps the biggest problem with the Marketplace platform was the little content it provided from the products. This was content to give a few data in list format about the main characteristics of the products.

A+ content provides an experience where the user can immerse himself in the product. Images and videos help the future buyer know what the item is like in detail and depth, seeing it in a similar way to how they could see it in a physical store. This makes seller reliability increases and that indecision at the time of purchase decreases.

Compared to a conventional product page, A+ content wins by a landslide, increasing sales.

fewer returns

Related to the previous point is the returns factor. One of the main reasons why users decided not to keep the product was because they felt that it did not 100% represent what they had seen on the page. After all, a few photos and little information means that certain properties of the product are left in the hands of the buyers' imagination.

By designing A+ pages, you will provide a visual representation of the product and in-depth information, so you will avoid this problem. This is especially important in the technological products, one of the leading sectors of Amazon.

best ratings

As long as the product faithfully delivers on what the seller promises, A+ content will encourage an increase in positive reviews. Obviously, the rest of the factors that are part of the purchase must be to the buyer's satisfaction. However, if your product has arrived in the expected time and is as described on the page, positive ratings will grow.

After all, Whoever buys your product will know what to expect. You will be aware of the resistance of its materials, the dimensions, the portability or the technologies it includes. Therefore, as long as the product does not arrive defective or late, you can already feel satisfied with the purchase.

Designing A+ pages improves positioning

A+ content is not indexed on Amazon, although images and text are on Google, so you will have a greater chance that your product will appear among the first positions of the search results.

Furthermore, by improving sales, your positioning among the best-selling products will also improve. On the other hand, positive comments and ratings will also help you climb positions in product search results. Therefore, indirectly, the A+ content will give you more visibility. This way, it will continue to provide you with more conversions.

What content to include in Amazon's A+ modules?

Seek an emotional connection with the target audience

Your brand has a characteristic that makes it stand out from the rest of the competition. A feature that meets the requirements of your potential customers and that will in line with your ideals of life and your philosophy. In the classic Amazon product pages there was no place for this differentiation. Design A+ pages and fix this problem to create that connection with your potential customers.

In this module you do not have to refer to the product you offer, but to what's behind him. This creates a sense of community and helps reflect the firm's values. Use a page module to present your brand and differentiate yourself in the minds of users.

Highlight the unique attributes of your product

Take advantage of one of the modules on the A+ page with images that represent the unique qualities of your product. It may be made with recycled material, it may have relaxing properties or it may allow the user to download a multitude of files thanks to its large storage memory. Represent each quality with an image and accompany it with a small text below.

It is important that in this text you summarize the benefits that these qualities will bring to the consumer. For example, if you are offering a mobile phone, don't focus so much on the technology it includes, but on what the user will be able to do with said technology.

Presents other brand products

The user is not always completely satisfied with the product you are offering. To solve this problem and offer you other alternatives that better fit your needs, Amazon generates comparison tables of products from other companies. In this way, through your own product page, the competition takes its place, potentially stealing your clients.

When designing A+ pages, we recommend that you create comparison tables with other products from your own brand. This way, competitors will not be able to advertise on your page. Additionally, you will be giving several options for users, increasing purchasing possibilities. Present products similar to the one on the page and make a comparison with the main characteristics of this type of article.

Frequent questions

Complete a module with your users' most frequently asked questions. Check the reviews and comments section and make a list of the most frequently asked questions. Then, answer them in an attractive way. So, you will speed up the purchasing process. A user may be thinking about purchasing your product. However, there is one feature of the article that you are not entirely sure about. If you do not find the solution to your question anywhere on the page, you will most likely buy from another seller who does make that issue clear. save yourself this trouble facilitating the conversion to user and solving the questions that your article may raise.

Add videos

When making online purchases, certain elements of purchasing in a physical store are missing. By purchasing through Amazon, your customers cannot touch your product, see the actual size it occupies or the quality of its materials. Videos largely solve this problem.

Make a professional video in which you imitate the experience that the user would have with your articleeither. For example, if it is a smartphone, show the potential buyer the size it would fit in their hand, what the quality of the camera is like, and the applications it includes.

When should I add A+ content to my products?

Products with a high price

Although A+ content is free and does not involve any cost, the truth is that carrying it out involves an economic investment. You will have to make quality videos and photos, edit them and design the page. Therefore, it is advisable that you apply it in products with premium prices. This way, you will improve the ROI.

Products with unique benefits and features

If you are offering the consumer a unique product with benefits and features that no other has or that are new, it is advisable to use A+ content. This way, you will be able to explain in a simpler and more visual way to the consumer everything that this product can offer you.

Most selled products

Best-selling products can get a nice boost thanks to A+ content on Amazon. Since the item performs well in the market, you know you won't be losing money in a product that is not worth it.

If the competition uses it, you should too

Monitor your competition closely. This advice is applicable to all spheres of the market. Thanks to an in-depth investigation of the competition, you will be able to know What's new in your sector? and what are the points that usually weaken your competitors, in order to avoid them. If the competition uses A+ content in their products, incorporate it into your page as well.

Online shopping

Tips for Designing A+ Pages for Amazon

Create a landing page

You should try to make your A+ page look like the landing page of your website. When the user logs in, must escape from monotony of the rest of Amazon products and enter directly into your brand. So, you will increase confidence of the user in the signature and you will encourage conversions.

monothematic sections

The content must be organized and be easy to digest by the user's mind. Make sure each section addresses a single issue about your product. For example, you can organize the advantages of the article throughout a section, separating each of them and accompanying them with an image that represents them.

Sort the content

When designing the A+ page, you must have a strategic vision. Think about the journey the user will take for your page. In this way, analyze what content you should start the journey with and what you will use as the final touch.

Take advantage of all the resources it offers you

make that each element on the page has a meaning. Forget about pretty images that have little to say and use those that help explain the text. At the same time, text is your best weapon to achieve conversion, so think carefully about what you should include.

Do not repeat images

Under no circumstances use the images that you have used in the product images. The user, upon seeing content that they have already seen before, will swipe down and skip the section without even having read the text. Each image must be unique.

Don't forget about branding

Colors, tone of voice, images and fonts should be a projection of the brand philosophy and they have to fit with those of the rest of the channels, creating homogeneity. This way, you will create brand recognition.



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