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Creative briefing: what is it, what is it for and how is it done?

Creative briefing, what is it, what is it for and how is it done?

Before carrying out any type of work or project, it is essential to have a proper mindset. so it will be possible avoid disorganization of ideas. This is where it comes into play creative briefing. It has the objective of put all the information on the table to take a proactive approach.

The elaboration of a briefing allows to clearly define each one of the needs of the work or project. However, this resource also helps establish scope, delivery dates, and other specific details depending on the goal you want to achieve. Is a efficient tool to perform any type of task. It sheds clarity and allows any group of people to improve their coordination by increasing productivity and reducing confusion.

What is creative briefing and what is it for?

The function of a creative briefing becomes especially important when it comes to team collaboration between different departments. Here participate those who are in charge of the design, writing and marketing. The goal is for each team member to have a clear idea of the project; toYes, productivity will be enhanced and misunderstandings will be avoided, improving the pace of work.

Creative briefing, what is it, what is it for and how is it done?

Each of the departments will have at their disposal all the information necessary to execute the project. This allows all participants to develop quality creative work; aligned with the guidelines established by the company. It becomes a point of return in case of any possible doubt when facing the entrusted task.

Each creative briefing is done in a unique way

There is no universal creative briefing; each company can include the information that is pertinent. It all depends on the goal you want to achieve. Once the briefing has been created, an initial meeting should be held. It is important to explain what it will consist of and clarify any doubts that may arise. Sometimes it needs to be reviewed and updated until you are ready to go to work.

It is essential to remember that the creative briefing it is a constant process; may be exposed to changes and debugging. However, it is essential that each of the teams can access up-to-date information. It should not be a document that remains in the background because the success of the work or project depends on it.

Therefore, the importance of creative briefing can be summed up in four key points:

  • Organization and clarification of the information..
  • Statement of expectations what you want to achieve with the project.
  • Inspiration (creativity) when developing the different stages of the project.
  • Implantation of the tone project communication.

What should we take into account to do it successfully?

When creating a creative briefing, it is necessary answer some basic questions:

  • What is this project trying to solve?
  • What general and secondary objectives must be met?
  • Who is the target audience for the project?
  • What key point will make this project stand out?
  • What is the main message?
  • What is the tone?

8 guide points for a properly structured briefing

Creative briefing, what is it, what is it for and how is it done?

The briefing must have certain information which can be deepened to give shape. Some of the elements that will help you in the organization of the briefing are the following:

  • Title and description.
  • Objectives and achievable goals. In this section the project is structured, but it must be concise. Defines the essential points and establishes a path to follow to achieve the specified goals.
  • Audience niche to which it is directed. This point is essential becauseIt allows increasing the possibility that the scope of the project to the desired audience will produce a greater reaction.
  • Message and tone. It is essential to set the tone of the project to give personality to the brand. To achieve this, audiovisual documents of interest to the client must be requested. In the same way, formats and styles not desired by the client must also be requested.
  • Participants. It is convenient to establish a scheme of the teams that will work on the project initially, although a posteriori new departments could be included.
  • Budget. The necessary investment for the project and the costs that each stage will have must be established. In this way, a realistic and adequate proposal can be made for the client.
  • Distribution process. Once everything is structured and detailed, the work must be distributed to begin with the realization.

Active tasks and deliverables to improve creative briefing

It is necessary to establish realistic delivery dates for the departments in charge of carrying out the project to comply with the client. They should be considered the completion time of the project, as well as the possible hiring extra professional teams. It is important that the client is aware that the creative process takes time, but an effort should be made to meet the agreed dates.

Of course, to this list you can add or remove any key point so that the project makes more sense. In conclusion, Carrying out a creative briefing is not a complicated task. It's like outlining a project, but in more detail to help everyone on the team have the same information.



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