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Common mistakes in creating digital content and how to avoid them

Common mistakes in creating digital content and how to avoid them

The creation of digital content is responsible for find topics that appeal to a niche of users. The goal is to complete a digital marketing strategy, planning, creating and publishing content according to certain topics that are of interest to users.

5 mistakes in creating digital content and how to avoid them

Achieving the level of performance you want from a content marketing campaign is not an automatic process. Achieving optimal results requires impeccably executing a marketing strategy From the beginning to the end. However, avoiding these errors is not complicated if the possible errors are known in advance:

Ignore search intent when creating digital content

One of the keys to making content marketing effective is write articles that position themselves. To do this, it is necessary to use specific keywords that have a certain search volume. However, content creators often forget to consider the most important element: the search intent.

Search intent refers to the idea of understand what type of information a person needs when you enter a keyword or phrase into a search engine. Understanding search intent can make a difference in the effectiveness of your search strategy. content marketing.

Common content creation mistakes and how to avoid them

There are several search intentions for each phrase. This poses a challenge as well as an opportunity for content creators:

  • He challenge consists in identify phrases and keywords with intentions that adapt to those of your target audience. Are keywordsAt the same time, they should not be so competitive as to make the work difficult.
  • The chance lies in the possibility to target keywords that cover multiple intentions. To do this, it is necessary to use secondary keywords and focus on their use throughout a text. Preferably, these keywords Secondary headings should be used in headings or subheadings.

This strategy increases your chances of creating well-ranked content, since you are not directly addressing the most obvious search need. As many other people and companies pursue this misguided goal, it will provide you with an easier route to relevance. As long as these secondary intentions are aligned with the profile of your audience, it is worth taking advantage of them.

Do not create headlines that convince the user

Is essential create attractive headlines if you want your content to be successful. The easiest way to create compelling headlines is to make sure they meet two key requirements: inform the reader of what they will find in the content and why the text is relevant. How to properly title? Some tips to do it are:

  • Use numbers.
  • Incorporate adjectives.
  • Use calls to action either Call to Action. This invites the user to read the content.
  • Apply the focus WHW. It consists of answering the questions “What?”, “Why?”, and “How?”
  • Make a promise. This means, title in such a way as to convince the user that after reading the text, they will have learned something very important.

Focus on a single type of digital content

A common mistake when designing a marketing strategy is not recognizing the diversity of content types currently available. Nowadays it is possible to see how many companies, for example, publish a business blog and share that same content on their social networks without making changes. While there is nothing inherently wrong with sharing information in this way, focusing exclusively on a single type of content, such as blogs, prevents you from taking advantage of specific opportunities that different platforms offer to connect with the audience.

For example in Facebook, video content is extremely popular. In instagram, content promoted by influencers performs well, while in Twitter, images usually work better. The most important thing is to maximize the impact of your campaign. This implies create content compatible with all platforms that you use. To optimize this strategy, it is necessary to create a content calendar that covers various types of publications in all your distribution channels.

Common content creation mistakes and how to avoid them

Publish, but do not promote content

One of the big mistakes of the creators of digital content is not to share it or promote it anywhere. Surprisingly, many companies make this mistake. It's of vital importance spread the content created, but it is not enough to publish it on the blog. The most appropriate thing is to create an image, infographic or video and promote it on your social networks or through the emailing. This will allow you to obtain better results in marketing campaigns.

To be successful in marketing strategies, you must follow a fundamental rule. It consists of investing the 20% of your effort in creating exceptional content and the 80% in promoting it. To avoid unnecessary stumbles, integrate a content promotion plan as a fundamental part of your general strategy. You can use a combination of approaches, including:

  • Influencer campaigns.
  • Paid promotion.
  • Social mentions.
  • Email blasts.

Failure to meet minimum quality standards

Content marketing, as the name suggests, focuses on content. However, Creating high-quality content takes time and effort. Most companies do not have an in-house team of content creators, so they often outsource this process. Since outsourcing costs can increase quickly, this creates pressure to speed up work.

Find a balance between cost and quality It is not a simple task. However, if you want a successful content marketing campaign, excellence should always be the priority. To ensure this, it is essential to establish minimum quality standards that include:

  • Maintain a consistent brand voice across all content.
  • Ensure messages are aligned with brand values and objectives.
  • Avoid writing and editing errors.
  • Ensure that all content provides useful and relevant information that meets the needs of the audience, following Google's on-page user experience (EEAT) guidelines.

It would be unrealistic to think that the five critical content creation mistakes we've outlined are the only ones you could make. After all, Content marketing is a combination of science and creativity, and there is no single infallible formula. However, since these mistakes are so common and have a negative impact, avoiding them will allow you to be successful in your campaigns.



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