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Google Ads Audit

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Google Ads Audit

The Google Ads audit is a data analysis service of a Google Ads account, with the aim of verifying whether it is sufficiently adjusted to the operating parameters of the platform; in this way it is possible to run an advertising campaign effectively.

This service is usually performed by agencies specialized in Google Ads, which allows a thorough diagnosis of the quality of a company's management.

Through this analysis it is possible to offer a detailed report with all the strengths and management errors, but it also offers a global vision that can be used to optimize the operation of the platform in order to meet marketing objectives.

Make the most of your budget and improve your results.

What is a Google Ads audit?

The Google Ads audit is a detailed analysis of the configuration, performance and strategy that a company applies in its campaigns within this platform. This audit also analyzes aspects such as the objectives set, the account, the ad group, the campaign, the structure and other related aspects.

Every agency specialized in Google Ads has as its main focus the detection and search for changes that can be applied to improve the effectiveness of the campaigns.

Advantages of an audit

Why is it a good idea to do a Google Ads audit? Through this management it is possible:

  • Increase the number of registrations, sales and contacts.
  • Reduce your cost per click or increase your profitability.
  • Increase the click-through rate (CTR).
  • Improve the performance of any key indicator.
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What is a Google Ads audit for?

The main reason for performing this kind of audit is that it offers the possibility of finding solutions to problems that a campaign might present. This translates into better advertising performance, which can not only improve results, but can also reduce costs.

Agencies that perform Google Ads audits are so experienced in handling Google Ads Settings and analyzing the data provided by the platform, that they are able to detect errors that might go unnoticed by the average user. Therefore, it is always a key investment to maximize the success of campaigns.

A good audit can serve to achieve the following results:

  • Lower the CPC.
  • Increase ROI.
  • Reach a higher number of conversions.
  • Reduce conversion costs.
  • Improve keyword quality.
  • Raise the CTR of each ad.
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How is it done?

To do this, tools such as Google's Ads Settings are used to verify the functioning of each of the aspects of the account and analyze it in depth.

Certain aspects such as structure, objectives, strategy, configuration and performance are key in the audited evaluation. Likewise, the Quality Score, CTR, objectives and management of the marketing strategy have a great importance within the performance of the campaign, so they are also analyzed.

Related aspects such as keywords and targeted ad groups are studied to verify if they are in optimal conditions or if they can be improved.

What does MyContent offer?

At MyContent we have a team of professionals with extensive experience in the management of Google’s marketing platform. We can offer you a detailed analysis of the configuration, strategy and performance of your Google Ads campaigns, so that you can identify all possible errors or weak points and apply effective solutions to boost their performance.

Thanks to this audit your campaigns boost the advertising of your company or business. Some of the improvements you could get if you perform a Google Ads audit with MyContent are:

Cost reduction

We prepare a report with suggestions for changes that, based on our analysis and experience, can represent a significant reduction in the costs necessary to sustain your campaign, without this representing a drop in the quality of the same.

Increased conversions

We know that the number of sales, registrations and contacts is one of the main objectives of any company that executes this type of campaign, so through our analysis, we identify all the possible strategies that you could apply to improve conversion numbers.

Complete and adapted visualization

We are experts in studying Google Ads accounts from a complete overview; through our audit report you will be able to easily see everything behind the current performance of your marketing strategy. You will identify negative aspects that you might be ignoring and we will also offer you solutions that you can apply to your strategy to improve your campaign’s performance to the limit.

Can we help you with your audit?

Tell us a little about your project, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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