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Facebook Ads Audit

Companies and their advertisements in the market have evolved with technological advances and new tools for advertising. One of the most popular current methods is the use of social networks, such as advertising through Facebook Ads. However, when this strategy requires a detailed study, it is time to perform a Facebook Ads audit.

This is a service offered by certain specialized agencies to optimize an existing Facebook Ads account. This is done through an exhaustive and personalized review. The focus of the audit is to identify weaknesses and strengths in the management of this platform.

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What is a Facebook Ads audit?

A Facebook Ads audit is a simple process in which a detailed review of an advertising account is requested. Through a data analysis it is possible to find aspects in which the account could be improved to achieve greater advertising reach and customer satisfaction. This process also allows to appreciate the main movements in the account.

Basically, the Facebook Ads audit is responsible for the study of Facebook marketing strategies for advertising accounts. Thanks to this service, it is possible to see a global status of the advertising account. It also provides relevant data such as:

  • The reach of the Facebook Ads of the mentioned account.
  • Improvements to be implemented in the marketing strategy.
  • Failures that have diminished the client's advertising progress.
  • Study of the necessary movements to increase the effectiveness of the Ads.
  • Plan ideas to reinforce customer confidence and determine progress in doing business with your company.

The use of an audit may sound like a complicated task, which for some companies is an optional intervention without much utility, but performing it implies changes that can bring a novel approach to the company. Auditing Facebook Ads allows a substantial improvement in the marketing strategy.

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What it is for or why to do it

Requesting a Facebook Ads audit allows an analysis of an account. If the investment in the account is of little benefit or if errors are found in the execution of the advertising campaign, the audit will provide details about the current situation to improve the advertising campaign.

As this is a process that can be tedious for some companies, it is advisable to have a Facebook Ads Manager. It is important to be especially cautious about who to trust to perform the audit.

Some benefits of this process are:

  • Appreciate the client’s previous movements in the advertising field.
  • The study of current business strategies.
  • To propose the change of strategies.
  • To know the effectiveness of the invested budget.
  • Identify creative opportunities.
  • Review the current status of the company.
  • Study the client’s target audience.

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How the audit is made

The process to perform an audit depends on the objectives to be achieved, as the audit can change its focus if the client requires it. That is why a Facebook Ads audit can be done in three different ways:

  • Global: General studies of the client are carried out before designing the Facebook Ads. This type of audit seeks to understand the focus of the target customer and the type of market to be reached.
  • Technical: This is the most complex part of the analysis and involves studying the technical aspects of the account, from the verification of the business to the verification of the configurations in the events to publicize the Ads.
  • Operational: The Ads analysis includes a study of all figures, statistics and general numbers of promotions, including the last years and promotion periods. The effectiveness in each period is determined.

What does MyContent offer?

In Mycontent we offer you the most complete service to perform the Facebook Ads Audit, so that you do not have difficulties to know the progress of your advertising accounts. We take care of optimizing commercial strategies, analyzing the aspects that will give success to your company. In addition, we study the growth and how the Ads are distributed.

In this way, we provide you with opportunities to:

  • Direct your company towards a larger market according to your objectives.
  • Create new powerful advertising methods.
  • Expert advice on advertising control.
  • Increased sales and savings in time and money for the best optimization of your sales strategy.

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Tell us a little about your project, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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