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Master E-commerce in Our Online Sales Workshops

E-commerce workshops are educational activities to teach different methodologies and tips to help sell services and products on the Internet.

The thematic agenda of these events can be very varied, but generally includes success stories of online sales companies in the country where the workshops are held, current perspectives on e-commerce, the impact this market has on retail sales, logistics management of these businesses and the most effective marketing strategies that can be applied.

They are an excellent educational opportunity to acquire the knowledge you need to get off to a good start if you are looking to become an online entrepreneur.

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What is e-commerce?

E-commerce, also called electronic commerce, is the name given to the marketing of products or services online. It is a more extensive market than you might think, since it is not limited to the trade of products or services in a specific electronic channel, but also includes social networks, web pages, etc.

This type of business offers a more accessible incursion opportunity for users interested in selling products or services compared to traditional commerce. In addition, it is able to operate 24 hours a day.

It also represents a simpler sales method, the variety of products is usually greater and even the shopping experience for users can be more satisfactory.

Advantages of e-commerce

Both consumers and businesses can find advantages in e-commerce. For example, in the case of companies, it is a way to reduce the costs of starting to sell products or services and allows them to cover an international market.

Business planning is also easier with e-commerce, as it is easier to compare prices with competitors. Similarly, gathering information from customers is also more accessible; this makes it possible to get to know the target audience better and identify their needs in order to plan an ideal sales strategy.

Consumers, for their part, gain the following advantages:

  • Access to stores far from your location.
  • There is no need to travel outside the home or wait for hours to purchase products.
  • Possibility of making purchases at any time of the day and from any place.
  • Easier to compare product prices and evaluate products.
  • Get feedback from other customers

Disadvantages of e-commerce

It is worth mentioning that, despite its many advantages, e-commerce also has certain disadvantages

  • Web sites may be buggy.
  • The competitiveness of this market is greater.
  • Some payment methods may present vulnerabilities.
  • Certain adjustments may require technical assistance.

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E-commerce business models

By participating in an e-commerce workshop it is possible to learn how to participate in e-commerce through different models that, according to their characteristics, may be:

  • B2B e-commerce: in this model, commercial transactions take place between one company and another. In other words, business to business. Therefore, there is no intervention on the part of the end consumer.
  • B2C e-commerce: a mode of transaction between a business and a consumer. This is the most popular model. Basically, it covers any purchase of a product or service between an interested person and an online store.
  • E-commerce G2C: is a model between the government and a consumer. It refers to the possibility of carrying out governmental procedures through the Internet.
  • E-commerce B2E: is a transaction model between a business and an employee. Employees are referred to as “internal customers”. It is often part of large companies that have internal lines of business that are based on the same business matrix.
  • C2C e-commerce: the consumer to consumer model occurs when a person decides to sell second-hand a product they no longer use. This type of commerce can be done through social networks, websites and even apps.

Where to sell through the e-commerce model? Among the different platforms that offer the possibility to engage in e-commerce are: Milanuncios, Amazon, Shopify and Ebay; some of the most famous applications in Spain are Wallapop and Vinted. Among the social networks and search engines, Google and Facebook Market stand out.

How to position products on the Internet?

The most commonly used strategies to achieve that products or services sold online reach users are the use of PPC platforms. Among the most popular are Amazon Ads, Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

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At MyContent we have extensive experience in training successful future e-commerce entrepreneurs. If you take an E-commerce Workshop with us, we will make sure to guide you step by step in creating your own online business that suits your personal goals.

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