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Optimize Your Amazon Ads Campaign with Our Audit

The Amazon Ads audit seeks the validation and data analysis of an Amazon Ads account and everything related to it. This service is aimed at optimizing the performance of a campaign that is already running on the platform.

The agencies that offer this service have professional experts in the operation of Amazon Advertising, so they are qualified to deliver detailed reports that show the reason for the current results, after auditing an account.

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What is an Amazon Ads audit?

The Amazon Ads audit is performed by experts who have previously passed the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) verification process. This certification, granted by Amazon, empowers them as professionals to provide a quality measurement service for an Amazon Ads account and its running campaigns.

These audits are governed by the Media Rating Council (MRC), a standardized system aimed at ensuring the quality and accuracy of the evaluation. It is worth mentioning that the MRC certification allows the evaluation of clicks on Amazon DSP as well as display ad impressions.

Audits and transparency

An important point with this kind of audits is that they include a transparency log, a detailed document in which the person who requested the audit service can clearly see everything related to the account.

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Why do it?

A Amazon Ads audit is a good idea because it offers:

  • Advice to design a strategy tailored to your needs that is effective for boosting Amazon Ads advertising campaigns.
  • Deep and accurate analysis of Amazon SEO, using tools such as the MRC.
  • Customized solutions provided by an Amazon SEO Consultant that can serve to enhance specific aspects of the campaign; these include increased loyalty, improved brand awareness, and increased conversion rate.
  • Strategies that take advantage of professional solutions for Amazon Ads such as third-party ad inventory filtering.

How is an Amazon Ads audit done?

To perform this audit, the Amazon Ads account is subjected to a deep Data Analysis process; direct contact is established with the client to understand what is the global vision of their business and what are their objectives. In this way it is possible to prepare a suggested planning that, according to the findings of the data analysis, allows the campaign to be directed to the fulfillment of these objectives.

The audit report may contain the auditors’ experience, so it is possible that some of the recommended advertising strategies may be based on actions that have proven to be effective, as they have been applied by other companies in the past.

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How can the audit offered by MyContent help you?

At MyContent, we have a team of seasoned professionals with vast experience in managing Amazon Ads and the tools to perform an account audit. Let us be the driving force behind your advertising campaign and help you achieve your business goals. Our audit will give you the following benefits:
  • A comprehensive check of your Seller account to identify areas for improvement and increased profits.
  • Customized strategies to increase product visibility in search results.
  • Analysis of your account’s relationship with Amazon’s algorithm and a plan to enhance your products’ online presence.
  • Quality assurance of your ads and calls to action, with improvement plans based on persuasive techniques.
  • A personal Amazon SEO consultant to answer any questions and support your optimization efforts.
  • A comprehensive report detailing your Amazon Ads campaign’s strengths and areas for improvement, with clear language and transparency to ensure success.

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